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Marketing Executive

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Marketing Executive

Job Overview

As a marketing executive, you will be expected to work with marketing managers to formulate the marketing strategies, lay out the timeline for the execution of these strategies and decide the tools to be used for the implementation of such strategies. You will also be responsible for the marketing research, trend evaluation and identification of opportunities. Executives will also be responsible for maintaining costs as per allocated budgets and achieve the goals targeted from the various campaigns.

Job Duties for Marketing Executive

Here is a list of the duties for which a marketing executives will be responsible:

  • Lead the marketing department teams, allocate work among the various members and ensure smooth flow of communication in the team
  • Ensure costs do not exceed the allocated budget
  • Interact and exchange results with marketing managers and then communicate the marketing manager’s plans among the team members
  • Oversee the efficient production of marketing materials and their timely updates in the allocated channels
  • Conduct market surveys, analyse the relevant data and find opportunities to explore
  • Secure vendor, agencies and client relationships
  • Ensure alignment of customer’s and company’s understanding of marketing campaigns

Marketing Executive Salaries

  • The average salary for a marketing manager is USD 11,700 per month.
  • The salaries vary over geographies, responsibility portfolio and company and operations size.
  • Owing to the nature of the job, salaries also depend on the experience of the candidates.

Marketing Executive Job Qualifications

Here is a list of the qualifications which hiring managers across the globe look for while hiring marketing executives:

  • Either a bachelor’s degree in Business, Marketing or related fields or above 1 year or experience in relevant fields
  • Possess relevant skills to communicate messages effectively, be creative and play with the team
  • Ability to be flexible, prioritize and change plans continuously in order to meet the changing demands of customers
  • Be available to work for irregular hours during the project execution stages
  • Hands on experience with marketing platforms, CRMs and other analytical tools

Marketing Executive Job Skills required

Here is a list of few skills which will be helpful in the daily functioning as a marketing executive:

  • Preparation of statements, publicity materials and advertisement campaigns to be released to prospective and existing clients
  • Evaluation of ongoing campaign’s performances, effectiveness and analyse the data to know its effectiveness
  • Websites and social media content creation, updates and response
  • Execution of marketing plans in the correct timespan
  • Conducting market research and laying out the marketing strategies according to opportunities identified from such research
  • Developing the brand image
  • Develop new marketing strategies in order to achieve the goals of the organisation.
  • Develop marketing reports, company brochures and other marketing related matter
  • Working closely with marketing managers to update about the day to day marketing operations, staff performance and corresponding results
  • Secure relations with partner and media agencies to use their platforms for relevant publicity
  • Continuous evaluation of competitors strategies and formulations of action plans in correspondence to competitors market campaigns
  • Training, development, job allocation and leadership of junior marketing executives and assistants

What to expect as a Marketing Executive

Here’s what it’s like to be a marketing executive:

  • Work is fast paced and requires to be acted upon very quickly as customer trends change very quickly
  • While office-based jobs are more common, self-employment and freelance work becomes possible with experience
  • Be the word and mouth of the company’s products and services. Marketing executives are the ones who inform take care of the external communications of the company

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