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Marketing Coordinator

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Marketing Coordinator

Job Overview

As the marketing coordinator, you will be responsible for the execution of the marketing campaigns, coordinating with vendors and customers and cross-team coordination. The coordinator will also be responsible for establishing relations with vendors and marketing agencies. Alongside, they will also be responsible for evaluating the performance of campaigns, conducting regular market research and looking out for trends which can become an opportunity for the company. The marketing coordinator will also execute the external off-site campaigns involving logistics management and operations.

Job Responsibilities for Marketing Coordinator

Here is a list of the duties for which a marketing coordinator will be responsible:

  • Supporting the marketing department’s campaigns by coordinating with various parties, vendors and marketing team
  • Coordination with the production and operations teams in order to ensure timely supply of goods and services
  • Creating, proofreading and editing for various marketing sources to ensure consistency in branding
  • Conducting Regular market researches and identifying trends
  • Regular coordination and relationship management with external vendors to ensure timely execution and high quality of marketing campaigns
  • Using key performance indicators to evaluate the performance of ongoing campaigns and creating comprehensive reports
  • Coordinating product, event or content email marketing, maintaining databases, copy scheduling, testing and following up with leads
  • Logistics management, Vendor management, external event management and community engagement
  • Providing support to the marketing director in evaluating and establishing marketing plans and strategies by assembling and analyzing sales forecasts, setting objectives, planning and executing them
  • Plan and manage meetings, events, trade fairs, conferences, etc by identifying, assembling and coordinating, establishing contacts, developing schedules and assignments
  • Maintaining a sales support material inventory, ensuring all resources are updated and accurate and the coordination of the new materials as needed.

Marketing Coordinator Salaries

  • The average salary for a marketing coordinator is USD 4,660 per month.
  • The salaries vary over geographies, responsibility portfolio and company and operations size.
  • Salaries also vary depending on the candidate’s previous experiences and success of marketing projects.

Marketing Coordinator Job Qualifications

Here is a list of the qualifications which hiring directors across the globe look for while hiring marketing coordinator:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Business
  • 1 – 3 years of experience in marketing
  • Prior experience in managing marketing campaigns, coordinating with vendors and inter-departmental coordination
  • Strong project management, multi-tasking and decision making skills backed with prior experience
  • SEO and PPC experience would be beneficial

Marketing Coordinator Skills Required

Here is a list of few skills which will be helpful in the daily functioning as a marketing coordinator:

  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office suite, specially excel and powerpoint
  • Goal oriented and customer oriented
  • Multi-project management skills, adhering to timelines and performing under pressure to achieve the targets
  • Experience in conducting marketing researches with data analytics softwares
  • Familiar with traditional and digital marketing techniques
  • Flexible to adapt to current trends and mould marketing campaigns accordingly
  • Good interpersonal skills to ensure smooth coordination between various parties and relationship building skills
  • Ability to manage people so as to conduct off-site physical events
  • Well developed communication, writing and presentation skills
  • Familiar with control management systems and customer relationship management softwares

What to expect as a Marketing Coordinator

Here’s what it’s like to be a marketing coordinator:

  • You will be involved in the day to day activities of the marketing campaigns and be ready to get on calls very frequently on short notice periods
  • As the marketing coordinator, you will have to juggle between multiple projects and ensure all run smoothly. Adhering to timelines and working under pressure is a part of the process.
  • Marketing coordinators can expect normal working hours when external campaigns are not active, otherwise during ongoing projects, the work hours tend to extend
  • Constantly lookout for opportunities to improve current processes and find new processes to improve current output

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