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Digital Marketing Executive

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Digital Marketing Executive

Job Overview

As the digital marketing executive, you will be responsible for running various marketing campaigns over various platforms, allocating the budgets and timelines for each campaign and execution of these campaigns. The executives will also need to analyse the effect of each of these campaigns and find ways to optimize these campaigns to achieve maximum customer focus. You will also need to update content periodically for the social media pages and the websites and maintain customer awareness.

Job Responsibilities for Digital Marketing Executive

Here is a list of the duties for which a digital marketing executive will be responsible:

  • Plan all the SEO, web, social media, email and display marketing campaigns for the marketing team.
  • Allocate specific budgets to each marketing role and divide the marketing campaigns over a period of time and among the marketing team
  • Collection and interpretation of data from various marketing campaigns and analysis of that data
  • Identification of trends and communication of these trend insights to the respective groups
  • Planning, executing and measuring the conversion rates from digital marketing campaigns
  • Identifying crucial customer conversion points and drop off points that maximises user funnels
  • Being up to date with emerging technologies and use of them to maximise output
  • Periodic measurement of digital marketing campaign performance and evaluation of the performance against goals and other key performance indicators
  • Brainstorming new digital marketing platforms and ways to capture customer attention
  • Creating, proofreading and editing for various digital marketing content to ensure consistency in branding
  • Creating, proofreading and editing for various marketing sources to ensure consistency in branding

Digital Marketing Executive Salaries

  • The average salary for a digital marketing executive is USD 5,732 per month.
  • The salaries vary over geographies, responsibility portfolio and company and operations size and the candidate’s previous experiences and success of marketing projects.

Digital Marketing Executive Job Qualifications

Here is a list of the qualifications which hiring directors across the globe look for while hiring digital marketing executive:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Business, Communications or other related fields
  • Prior job experience in digital marketing or in related fields
  • Good understanding of Search Engine Optimisation, marketing databases, email and social media marketing
  • Prior experience in operating websites and marketing analytics tools like NetInsight, Omniture, WebTrends, etc.
  • HTML, JavaScript, AdobeAcrobat and advertisement serving tool usage experience would be necessary.

Digital Marketing Executive Skills Required

Here is a list of few skills which will be helpful in the daily functioning as a digital marketing executive:

  • Excellent IT skills
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office suite, specially excel and powerpoint
  • Goal oriented and customer oriented
  • Multi-project management skills, adhering to timelines and performing under pressure to achieve the targets
  • Developed written and verbal communication skills
  • Good analytical skills to analyse digital campaigns and measure their effectiveness
  • Ability to search for opportunities in marketing datas and identify emerging trends
  • Experience in conducting marketing researches with data analytics softwares
  • Creative skills to come up with new ideas that captures customer focus
  • Analysis and presentation of market data using charts
  • Good interpersonal skills to ensure smooth coordination between various parties and relationship building skills to develop positive relations with clients
  • Familiarity with new and existing social media platforms and familiarity with SEO marketing techniques
  • Ability to coordinate and execute tasks with marketing executives
  • Familiar with control management systems and customer relationship management softwares

What to expect as a Digital Marketing Executive

Here’s what it’s like to be a digital marketing executive:

  • You will need to research and analyze data throughout the year. Working hours will be reasonable during normal times but might differ at times depending on the marketing executives
  • Given the wide spectrum of campaigns possible on digital platforms, you might be less successful in some campaigns but you should be able to learn from them and move on
  • Due to multiple projects running simultaneously, the candidate will have to work on strict deadlines and multitask continuously.
  • Executives are expected to keep themselves updated with the daily trends in the target customer market and be on the lookout for opportunities to tap into.

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