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Data Analyst

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Data Analyst

Job Overview

We are on the look out for a data analyst who would be responsible for organising and collecting large amounts of data from various sources. You would be required to use data analysis tools to interpret data and provide meaningful insights to the business. The responsibilities would include filtering and cleaning databases, identifying patterns and trends, and creating visualisation of data. You should be able to provide technical support to ensure accuracy and quality of data in order for the employees to make more informed decisions.

Job Responsibilities for Data Analyst

As a Data Analyst, you would be forming the core of the analytical team and using mathematical and statistical analytical tools. You would be required to conduct full lifecycle analysis from requirements, activity and design. The analysis of data would require us to include sales, inventory as well as operational data. You would also have to monitor performance and work on quality control plans to identify improvements.

  • Identifying and searching for various data sources
  • Analysing data using various analysis tools such as statistical techniques
  • Interpreting data and providing reports and recommendations
  • Maintaining databases by working on data from primary and secondary sources
  • Setting up data infrastructure
  • Identifying, and analysis various trends in complex database
  • Filtering, cleaning and collating data by reviewing data printout and performance indicators
  • Locating and identifying  new improvement opportunities
  • Developing and maintaining data collection systems, data analytics and other strategies that optimise efficiency and quality
  • Prioritizing business and management needs by working with various departments

Data Analyst Salaries

  • A person working as a Data Analyst earns USD 5,213 per month.
  • The exact salary is however dependent on the company, location and nature of the employer’s business

Data Analyst Job Qualifications

The basic qualifications required to be considered for the position of a Data Analyst include:

  • Either a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, Computer Science, Statistics, and Economics, or related field or experience in the industry or both
  • Master degree in a similar discipline preferred
  • Prior demonstrated experience of at least 3 to 5 years as a Data Analyst or Business Data Analyst

Data Analyst Skills Required

A Data Analyst needs to possess a variety of skills in order to be successful in the work environment – they include both job related technical skills as well as interpersonal traits.

  • Possess strong mathematical, numeracy and statistical skills
  • Experience with data models and report packages
  • Knowledge and expertise in Microsoft Suite Applications
  • Proficiency in SQL, Javascript, and ETL frameworks
  • Ability to use statistical packages like Excel, SPSS, SAS
  • Proficiency in Python, Tableau, R and Oracle
  • Understanding of Microsoft BI to create and prepare various reports
  • Adept at report writing, queries, and present findings
  • Accuracy and attention to detail
  • Understanding website scripts like JSON, XML
  • Proven debugging and critical problems solving skills
  • Experience with social media analytics, tech analytics and data mining
  • Work in cross-functional teams to understand product improvements
  • Excellent IT and programming skills
  • Ability to test usability and accessibility concern
  • Knowledge of the various industry practices
  • Meticulous and diligent attributes
  • Ability to with professionalism and integrity
  • Knowledge of statistical techniques such as logistic regression, classification models, random forests etc
  • Excellent people and managerial skills
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

What to expect as a Data Analyst

To be a data analyst, you must possess strong analytical skills, and communicate effectively with various stakeholders.

  • Observe and Analyse Trends
  • Collaborate and work with various team members
  • Work with raw data and structure it
  • Expert advice from professionals in the field and industry
  • Opportunity to manage time and multitask efficiently

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