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Content Manager

Ready to hire a content manager but not certain of his roles and duties? Check out what your candidate should look to deliver, their salary and their skillset.

Content Manager

Job Overview

As the content manager, you will be expected to plan the content and editorial roadmap for the company, liaise with the various marketing and editorial departments to mutually agree on the content launch plans and then lead the content team toward following the roadmap. You will also need to ensure consistency across contents and ensure that they align with the short term and long term marketing targets. You will also need to review and edit the content work of the team and work closely with the marketing team to decide the website style, design and layout.

Job Responsibilities for Content Manager

Here is a list of the duties for which a content manager will be responsible:

  • Work with the marketing department to get and understanding of the short term and long term marketing targets and then develop content strategies accordingly
  • Creating content which will catch maximum customer interest
  • Plan the content launch, website style, layout, design, etc. with the marketing team
  • Optimize Search Engine Optimization driven content
  • Increase web traffic by distributing the content publication over websites and various social media platforms
  • Manage and lead the content team
  • Ensure that the content is compliant with the copyright and data protection laws
  • Continuos research to keep the team upto date with new ways to increase customer attention
  • Communicate with the content writers and ensure that the content ensures brand consistency
  • Designing a content roadmap and discussion of the same with the senior leaders
  • Creating an editorial calendar and ensuring its being followed in order to keep the content team on track
  • Conducting research on the key SEO terms and incorporating them into the content to achieve maximum viewership

Content Manager Salaries

  • The average salary for a content manager is USD 5,276 per month.
  • The salaries vary over geographies, responsibility portfolio and company and operations size and the candidate’s previous experiences and success of marketing projects.

Content Manager Job Qualifications

Here is a list of the qualifications which hiring directors across the globe look for while hiring a content manager:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in communications, english, journalism, literature, marketing or other related fields
  • Experience as a content manager in prior roles
  • Prior job experience in SEO, web traffic metrics, HTML and web publishing
  • Proficiency with content management systems and analytics softwares
  • Excellent written english skills
  • Detail oriented work style with good time management and organizational skills
  • Knowledge of various analytics platforms

Content Manager Skills Required

Here is a list of few skills which will be helpful in the daily functioning as a content manager:

  • Ability to match up with fast paced work life
  • Excellent IT skills
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office suite, specially excel and powerpoint
  • Goal oriented and customer oriented
  • Multi-project management skills, adhering to timelines and performing under pressure to achieve the targets
  • Ability to attention to detail along with a creative mind
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills as well as organizational skills
  • Developed leadership skills to lead the content team and coordinate with the editorial team in order to keep them on track
  • Ability to maintain consistency in their content writing
  • Ability to understand and cater to the marketing personas
  • Excellent time management and planning skills to ensure meeting deadlines
  • Have an understanding of UI/UX design
  • Having an analytics mindset to analyse what type of customer are attracted to what content and then analysing a target market
  • Ability to market the content and update the old content periodically

What to expect as a Content Manager

Here’s what it’s like to be a content manager:

  • You will need to research and write contents, develop the branding strategy of the company and maintain that throughout the content so consistency is the key
  • As a content manager, you will have normal working hours
  • One should develop IT skills, specially SEO skills where content is most necessary
  • Due to multiple projects running simultaneously, the candidate will have to work on strict deadlines and multitask continuously.
  • Managers are expected to keep themselves updated with the daily trends in the target customer market and be on the lookout for opportunities to publish their new content and grab attention.

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