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THE FORECASTER - Multiplier’s digest of industry updates, trends, and insights from the world of global employment.

Global Employment Updates, Trends, Stats, and Insights

The employment landscape moves at a mile a minute, so it’s tough to keep up with all the industry trends, updates, and juicy insights. Fortunately, that’s our jam, cup of tea, or “thang” if we’re having a particularly funky day. 

We scour the internet, seeking high and low for the latest and greatest insights into the ever-evolving future of work. You know, all that boring research that takes precious time out of your day. 

Instead, put your feet up and enjoy the newest addition of The Forecaster: an easy-reading, no-filler executive summary of what’s next in the world of international employment, business, and talent resources.

Here’s what THE FORECASTER has in store for you today…

Work culture

Take me to your leader 🧑‍🚀

As the head of science at NASA, Thomas Zurbuchen managed an $8.6 billion dollar budget. A typical Monday, for him, might have involved hitting an asteroid with a spacecraft or trying to launch a rocket. In this episode, he shares what he learned about leading extremely technical, complex, and expensive projects with a high risk of failure.” (HBR)

Diversity taking center stage

Women and other under-represented communities have often been unable to lead the conversations in the workplace. This needs to change. It’s about more than just being heard — commanding a room is about resonating, influencing, and leading. But who’s responsible for facilitating this change? (Staffing Stream)

Curiosity killed the cat, but it gives life to innovation

Curiosity is an exceptional tool to help lead diverse teams in this increasingly complex time of technological advancements and an ever-evolving culture. Four key phrases can help in this pursuit: “I don’t know,” “Tell me more,” “I understand that you’re more than your job,” and “Who else?” (HBR)

Flexibility is great, but flexibility and trust… 🤌

More women at typical workplaces report fair pay, fair promotions, psychologically healthy workplaces, and meaningful work in 2023, according to a Great Place To Work market survey of 4,400 employees in the U.S.” (Great Place to Work)

Global Employment

“Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction” – JFK

Companies overlook certain stakeholder groups, leading to failed innovation efforts. The most successful innovations create value for all key constituents: customers, employees, suppliers, communities, and investors with a stake in the outcome. This article offers four tips to leverage corporate purpose for improved innovation success. (HBR)

Not one, but two opportunities for global change

Leaders face two generational opportunities: achieving net-zero emissions and reducing global poverty. This year, many leaders expressed their belief that we shouldn’t have to choose between fighting for the planet and fighting poverty. (Mckinsey)

Half of new UK jobs are hybrid

Surveys consistently show flexibility as one of the most valuable factors for candidates. Now, Economic Graph data shows that nearly half (45%) of UK roles advertised on LinkedIn are hybrid, suggesting a significant post-pandemic shift. (LinkedIn)

Artificial intelligence

“Promote and demand responsible innovation”

President Biden has signed a sweeping new executive order to place “guardrails” on AI use and development. This includes provisions that make upcoming AI models like OpenAI’s GPT-5 subject to oversight before release. (Forbes)

AI to supplement career growth, not take jobs.

 “Many of the narratives we’re seeing today have focused on AI taking over jobs or replacing specific skill sets – we’re seeing a growing number of instances where the exact opposite occurs.”  (Spiceworks)

Continued Global Employment Industry Updates from Multiplier

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