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Lost in a maze of global employment jargon? Find your way out with our handy collection of work and HR terminology

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What is telecommuting?

Telecommuting is a work arrangement that allows employees to work away from the office through the use of technology. Instead of meeting colleagues in person, for example, they will video call them over the internet. Usually telecommuting involves a degree of flexibility in working hours too as employees could be anywhere in the world.

The main benefit of telecommuting is that it allows employees to enjoy a greater work-life balance by eliminating the need for a real, in-person commute. People can work from where they choose, and this can lead to greater job satisfaction and even greater employee retention.

On the other side, telecommuting helps companies save costs because they pay less for office space and utilities. They can also attract a larger candidate pool to their roles.

To oversee employees who telecommute, companies need to implement policies to boost communication. Without this, people can easily feel disconnected and wellbeing issues can creep in.

They also need to pay attention when managing payroll as processes become more complicated. Employers have to consider the conversion rates, taxation rules and labor laws of several countries and ensure that payments are made in a compliant way.

To support a global workforce, it’s best to turn to a global payroll and HR solution such as Multiplier. This allows you to automate payments, streamline compliance, and ensure a great employee experience from anywhere in the world.

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