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Employee Engagement

What is employee engagement?

Employee engagement measures the emotional connection and commitment that employees have to their work and the organization. High levels of engagement are associated with improved productivity and job satisfaction. Meanwhile, low engagement can lead to increased turnover and a negative impact on overall workplace culture.

To measure employee engagement, you can use surveys, feedback sessions, and performance metrics such as job satisfaction, motivation, and the sense of purpose employees derive from their roles.

If employee engagement is low, organizations should target specific areas and implement strategies for improvement. For example, if people report feeling unmotivated, employers might introduce additional benefits, or, if people are struggling with a lack of purpose, professional development programs are a good idea.

It’s important to consider maintaining high employee engagement right from the beginning of a working relationship rather than treating problems after they already come up. Employees that receive a great onboarding experience, with all the tools and support they need, are likely to feel positive and motivated from the start. Conversely, those who have a bad first impression during the recruitment stage are less likely to be invested in the early phases of their job.

Performance reviews and exit stages are two other key touchpoints in the employee journey. And you can help to ensure high employee engagement throughout by using an HR platform such as Multiplier.

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