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Job Board

What is a job board?

A job board, also known as a job site, is a platform where employers can post job vacancies and candidates can upload their resumes and apply for open positions. Typically, job seekers will submit applications directly through a job board itself. However, occasionally they will click a link to be redirected to the employer’s website to complete the application process.

By syncing with an applicant tracking system (ATS), job boards can streamline the entire recruitment process on both ends. Employers will automatically be able to capture candidate data after they apply and employees will receive instant updates throughout the application process.

There are two main types of job boards — general ones which host a wide range of opportunities and niche job boards which focus on specific industries or types of candidates. Some are free for companies to post on while others, particularly specialized ones, will come with a cost.

It’s important to note that job boards differ from job search engines. Search engines crawl the internet to bring positions from various websites into one location while job boards are dedicated platforms solely designed for job postings.

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