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Employee Management Made Easy With Multiplier Integrations

Hey there!

A day in the life of an HR professional is spread across many employee management platforms. You need to toggle between different software (thanks to technology) to ensure you do a decent job managing the employees.

A recent study revealed that each toggle takes around 2 seconds, and on an average, a person presses CMND+TAB (toggling, of course) about 1200 times a day, which means people spend almost 4 hours every week just to switch between various platforms. It turns out this becomes 9% of the annual working hours of a person!

Also, the human brain takes time to readjust to these toggling, pushing the effort further up.

It’s tedious. And it’s time consuming. We get it.

Not to mention, no two days are ever the same. Thankfully, we’ve done something about it.

Welcome to your one-stop-shop for all things HR management. We have rolled out a set of integrations to make your life easier!

No more double data entry, No more toggling! We got you.

These are Multiplier’s integrations for you:

Workday Integration

Fitted with enterprise-grade scalability options, Workday integration saves you time and energy by giving  you a 360-degree visibility of all your members (employees/freelancers) when logged into Multiplier.

The integration helps you securely connect data across platforms while ensuring efficiency and productivity, thus eliminating the need to manage employee data across two different platforms.

BambooHR Integration

BambooHR integration on Multiplier helps you access your EOR, payroll, and employee benefits seamlessly and securely across platforms.

The integration streamlines the management of member (employee/freelancer) data between Multiplier and BambooHR, reducing manual data entry and the risk of data discrepancies. It also ensures that member profiles are up-to-date in BambooHR, which can be essential for HR and payroll processes.

Personio Integration

Personio integration synchronizes member (employee/freelancer) data between platforms, accurately and securely which is crucial for data integrity.

Automatic syncs  eliminate the need for double work, and greatly reduces the risk of human error (not that you’d ever make an error, but just in case). Along with maximum flexibility to incorporate any further scale-up, the integration focuses on maintaining an organizational structure.

Fast and streamlined data transfer is ensured throughout the member lifecycle.

Once the member is off-boarded, the profiles will be automatically deleted.

HiBob Integration

With this integration, you can sync all member data directly to HiBob. Currently, this integration is supported from Multiplier to HiBob. The member (employee/freelancer) data will be synced with HiBob as soon as verified by Multiplier. On the joining date, the member will be marked as ‘Active’ on HiBob.

Any member details change done by either you or the member on the platform – compensation, bank account details, or personal details- will be synced with HiBob.

A quick glance at how the integrations work

To give you a better understanding of how this all works together, check out this handy chart:

Multiplier  HiBob/ BambooHr/ Workday/ Personio
Employee Personal info (First name, Last name, Work location, Address, Type of employment, Employment start date) All details sync directly


Contract activated An employee record gets created and becomes “active” on the joining date
Salary details, compensation, insurance benefits All details sync directly
Employee Payslips, Time offs, Expenses Will automatically reflect and be taken into consideration while calculating payroll.
Insurance documentation Details of insurance, dependents, and coverage information will be visible.
Offboarding on Multiplier Off-boarded employees will be deactivated

In conclusion, the integration of these software on Multiplier helps you optimize HR operations within your organization.

As we discussed in this blog, the benefits of seamless integration are profound, ranging from enhanced data accuracy and efficiency to improved employee experiences and strategic decision-making. These integrations can support you in having a more agile, data-driven, and future-ready HR department.

Ready to experience next-level HR for yourself? Contact us and let’s get rolling together!

Supriya VS
Supriya VS

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Supriya is the Senior Product Marketer at Multiplier.

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Employ the best person for job, regardless of location

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