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Your quick guide on talent and labor compliance norms in Myanmar
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Supplementary Guide for Employment and Expansion in Myanmar

Talent Overview

Agriculture is the main occupation of Myanmar, and it constitutes almost 65% of the GDP and employs about 65% of the population. Other prominent industries in Myanmar are copper, tin, tungsten, cement, construction, and garments.

Major Economic Hubs:

Naypyidaw, Yangon

Skills in Demand:

Engineering (Civil and Petroleum), Sales and Business Development, Marketing and Creative design, and Software Programming

Local Universities

The top local universities of Myanmar with world rank are:

Yangon University


Myanmar : 1

World : 9538

Mandalay University


Myanmar : 2

World : 10103

Yangon Technological University


Myanmar : 3

World : 10570

University of Computer Studies


Myanmar : 4

World : 10665

Yezin Agricultural University


Myanmar : 2

World : 11130

Salary Data

Job Title Average Monthly Salary (MMK) Average Monthly Salary (USD)
Accounting Manager 810,000 MMK 384.37 USD
Software Engineer 510,000 MMK 242.01 USD
Data Analyst 489,000 MMK 232.04 USD
UX Designer 388,000 MMK 184.12 USD
Product Manager 776,000 MMK 368.23 USD
Sales Manager 936,000 MMK 444.16 USD

Talent Sourcing Tips

Top Local Job Boards

JobNet, Myjobs, JobsinYangon

Number of LinkedIn Users


Top Recruitment Agencies

Myanmar Human Capital Solutions, 40hrs, Executive Search

Employing in Myanmar

Below listed are the key points an employer must keep in mind while seeking employees in Myanmar.

Employee Contract

Generally, a particular language is not required in the LOA (letter of appointment); however, the Ministry of Labour requires that the Employment Contract be bilingual (both Burmese and English) upon registration.

Probation Period

The probationary period for employees in Myanmar is as per the employer’s discretion, however, it should be in accordance with the local labor laws.

Public and Provincial Holidays

Date Name Type
1st January New Year Holiday Public Holiday
2nd January Kayin New Year Day Public Holiday
4th January Independence Day Public Holiday
12th February Union Day Public Holiday
2nd March Peasants' Day Public Holiday
16th March Full Moon Day of Tabaung Public Holiday
27th March Armed Forces' Day Public Holiday
9th - 17th April Maha Thingyan (Water Festival) Public Holiday
1st May Labor Day / May Day Public Holiday
14th May Full Moon Day of Kasong Public Holiday
10th July Eid al-Adha Public Holiday
12th July Full Moon Day of Waso (Beginning of Buddhist Lent) Public Holiday
19th July Martyrs' Day Public Holiday
31st August Ganesh Chaturthi Hindu Holiday
8th October Full Moon Day of Thadingyut Holiday Public Holiday
9th October Full Moon Day of Thadingyut Holiday Public Holiday
10th October Full Moon Day of Thadingyut Holiday Public Holiday
24th October Diwali/Deepavali Public Holiday
6th November Full Moon Day of Tazaungmone Public Holiday
7th November Full Moon Day of Tazaungmone Public Holiday
17th November National Day Public Holiday
22nd December Kayin New Year Day Public Holiday
25th December Christmas Day Public Holiday
31st December New Year Holiday Public Holiday

Employee Leaves

Type of Leave Duration Mandatory
Annual Leave 10 days Yes
Sick Leave 30 days Yes
Maternity Leave 14 weeks Yes


Payroll Cycle

Employees in Myanmar can be paid daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

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Minimum Wage

As of 2022, the minimum wage followed in Myanmar is 4800 MMK per Day.

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Overtime pay

Maximum overtime permitted in Myanmar is 12 hours a week, paid at 200% of the standard hourly wage.

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Health Examination Clause


13th Month Pay

There is no legal provision for 13th month pay in Myanmar. However, the employers can provide the bonus on their discretion. 

Employee Benefits

  • ~Maternity Leave
  • ~Paternity Leave
  • ~Social Security
  • ~Medical Insurance
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Employer Payroll Tax

Type of Tax Rate
Social Security 3%

Employee Payroll Tax

Type of Tax Rate
Social Security 3%

Employee Income Tax

Employee Type Tax Rate
For Resident foreigners Progressive rates from 1% to 25%
For Non-resident foreigners Progressive rates from 1% to 25%


There is no VAT in Myanmar; however, commercial tax is generally rated at 5%.

Offboarding & Termination

Termination Process

To terminate an employee for misconduct, the employer must state a list of misconduct offenses in the employment contract and ensure that the employee has had 3 written prior warnings and had the time to improve their performance before the termination.

Notice Period

The notice period in Myanmar is dependent on a mutual discussion between the employer and the employee, and should be in accordance with the labor laws of Myanmar.

Severance Pay

Service length Severance Pay
Six months to One year Half month
One to two years One month
Two to three years One and Half months
Three to four years Three months
Four to six years Four months
Six to eight years Five months
Eight to ten years Six months
Ten to twenty years Eight months
Twenty to Twenty five years Ten months
Above Twenty five Thirteen months

Visa and Immigration

The Stay Permit allows a foreigner to work for three months or one year without re-entry to Myanmar. A Stay Permit and a valid Multiple Journey Special re-entry Visa will enable a foreigner to work while traveling in and out of Myanmar.

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