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Talent Wiki - Equatorial Guinea

Your quick guide on talent and labor compliance norms in Equatorial Guinea
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Central African CFA franc (XAF)
Spanish, France, and Portuguese
Payroll Frequency
GDP per Capita
$6,860.37 (2020)
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Supplementary Guide for Employment and Expansion in Equatorial Guinea

Talent Overview

Equatorial Guinea holds an economic freedom score of 47.2 and therefore making it economically the 163rd most accessible country. The country has developed its GDP growth within the past years. In Equatorial Guinea, the main GDP contributors are services and Industry.

Major Economic Hubs: 

Bata, Malabo, Ebebinyin, and Aconibe

Skills in Demand:

Information Technology Engineer, Software Engineer, Developer, Marketing Manager

Local Universities

Top local university in Equatorial Guinea is;

Universidad Nacional de Guinea Ecuatorial (National University of Equatorial Guinea)


Local rank: 1

World rank: 10531

Salary Data

The average monthly salary of some jobs available in Equatorial Guinea is as follows:

Job Title Avg. Monthly Salary (XAF) Avg. Monthly Salary (USD)
Financial Manager 935,000 XAF 1431.16 USD
General Manager 846,000 XAF 1294.93 USD
Business Development Manager 723,000 XAF 1106.66 USD
Financial Analyst 600,000 XAF 918.39 USD
Business Analyst 579,000 XAF 886.25 USD
Project Manager 507,000 XAF 776.04 USD

Talent Sourcing Tips

Top Local Job Boards: 

Indeed, LinkedIn

Number of LinkedIn users:


Top Recruitment Agencies:


Employing in Equatorial Guinea

Employers must have knowledge of labor law, payroll, contributions, bonuses, and allowances to onboard an individual from Guinea.

Employee Contract

The language of the employment contract must be Spanish, France, or Portuguese, or the language that both the employer and employee understand.

Probation Period

In Equatorial Guinea, the probation period is up to 90 days.

Public and Provincial Holidays

Date Name Type
1 Jan New Year's Day National holiday
15 Apr Good Friday National holiday, Christian
1 May Labor Day / May Day National holiday
2 May Labor Day / May Day observed National holiday
5 Jun President's Day National holiday
6 Jun President's Day observed National holiday
16 Jun Corpus Christi National holiday, Christian
3 Aug Freedom Day National holiday
15 Aug Constitution Day National holiday
12 Oct Independence Day National holiday
8 Dec Feast of the Immaculate Conception National holiday
25 Dec Christmas Day National holiday, Christian
26 Dec Christmas Day observed National holiday, Christian

Employee Leaves

Type of Leave Time Period Mandatory
Annual/Earned Leave 30 days Yes
Sick Leave 26 weeks Yes
Maternity Leave 17 weeks Yes


Payroll Cycle:

The payroll in Equatorial Guinea is on a Monthly basis.

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Minimum Wage:

The minimum wage of Equatorial Guinea is XFA129,035 per month.

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Overtime Pay:

In Equatorial Guinea, overtime pay is 25% of the monthly payroll.

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Health Examination Clause


13th Month Pay: 

The 13th-month pay and 14th month pay is mandatory in Equtorial Guinea.

Employee Benefits:

  • ~Earned Leave
  • ~Medical benefits
  • ~Protection Fund
  • ~Allowances
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Employer Payroll Tax:

Funds Contributions
National Institute of Social Security 21.5%
Work Protection Fund (WPF) 1%

Employee Payroll Tax:

Funds Contributions
National Institute of Social Security 4.5%
Work Protection Fund (WPF) 0.5%

Employee Income Tax:

Annual Taxable Income (XAF*) Tax rate (%)
Ranging from 0 to 1,000,000 0%
Ranging from 1,000,000 to 3,000,000 10%
Ranging from 3,000,000 to 5,000,000 15%
Ranging from 5,000,000 to 10,000,000 20%
Ranging from 10,000,000 to 15,000,000 25%
Ranging from 15,000,000 to 20,000,000 30%
Above 20,000,000 35%


The standard rate of VAT in Equatorial Guinea is 15%.

Offboarding & Termination

Termination Process

The employment contract can be terminated either by an employee or the employer. However, the employee has to serve a notice period, and the employer has to compensate with severance pay.

Notice Period

The notice period in Equatorial Guinea is one month to six months.

Severance Pay

The severance pay in Equatorial Guinea is 30 days or 45 days of payment.

Visa and Immigration

An individual can choose the visa options based on the requirements. To work from Equatorial Guinea, the individual must apply for a work permit.

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