How PEO Companies Are Your Trump to Achieve Global Growth After COVID-19

Choosing our SaaS based PEO/EOR Solution enables you to build and manage 100% pure remote teams and expand into new markets 90% faster.


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The COVID-19 pandemic has affected businesses across the world drastically and many companies are still struggling to stand their ground. In fact, the situation has brought massive changes to the way people work. Given the scenario, it is mandatory for business owners to find innovative ways to streamline operations, manage resources and expand in the right direction. 

Companies that are ignoring this transition or failing to meet the parameters of the post-COVID era are at the risk of losing profitable opportunities and being overshadowed by the other players in the industry.

That should be the worst nightmare for an entrepreneur. You need to act now to stop it from happening to your organization.

Human resources are the backbone of any company. So, the first best step to channelize your business operations is organizing the workflow of your employees and meeting their needs while they work for you. 

Professional Employer Organizations or PEO companies are your trump card to carry out global employee management flawlessly. Read on to know more about how the global pandemic has disrupted businesses and how PEO companies can help you increase your operational efficiency in the new normal. With an international PEO, you can hire, manage and pay employees on a global scale without breaking a sweat.

The Aftermath of COVID-19

The social distancing and other safety norms in place after the COVID-19 pandemic prevent businesses from operating through the physical workplace setup.

Prioritizing safety, many businesses have switched to remote working where they allow employees to work for the organization from any part of the world at large. The main idea here is to increase your business productivity without compromising on employee safety.

Given the intensity of the global pandemic, there is more emphasis on the remote model. This isn’t another temporary arrangement because the trend is here to stay. In other words, it may be a forever change in the business realm.

The Brighter Side of the New Normal

It is true that COVID-19 has affected global businesses like never before. However, there is another dimension to it. Yes, businesses are perceiving the situation to be an opportunity to venture into new markets and expand their workforce while cutting down costs considerably.

On the other hand, companies can also serve their customers in a better way with handpicked resources from the global pool. This, in turn, helps them to set new standards in the industry.

The Rising Need For PEO Companies Post-COVID-19

The work culture transition after COVID-19 has paved the way for faster and easier global expansion. However, there are also other factors you need to take into consideration when you want to hire human resources across the globe.

First, when you onboard international hires, you need to make sure your organization complies with the labor laws of the country concerned. Second, you are supposed to meet the tax regulations in place for each country when you pay your international employees or independent contractors. Plus, keeping track of all these legal parameters can be difficult because they are revised from time to time.

But then, it is not a wise choice to back off without using the amazing opportunity for your business network to grow globally owing to these small complexities involved. On the other hand, handling these global HR functions on your own can consume a great deal of your valuable time. 

So, how do you execute global expansion without your core business activities being affected? Here is where PEO companies come into play. 

With PEO companies to back up businesses like yours, it becomes easier to onboard, manage and pay full-time employees and independent contractors on a global scale without any hassle.

What PEO Does For Your Business

When you have to manage global teams that work remotely, manual payroll management will not work. A PEO can take care of everything about global payroll processing from deductions to tax calculation on your behalf.

HR management includes handling a set of employee benefits. PEO handles all employee benefits such as commissions, paid day-offs, reimbursements, health insurance, retirement plans and more. This, in turn, makes global HR management easier for your organization.

Legal compliance is an inevitable part of global human resource management. PEO HR companies have a constant eye for upgrades in labor laws and tax bills across countries. This way, they can be of great assistance to onboard and manage international resources without violating the laws in place.

Benefits of Collaborating with PEO Companies


Massive data analysis in HR management makes it a space prone to errors. PEO companies can zero down errors and ensure accuracy because they are trained to handle voluminous data efficiently.

100% Compliant

Unlike other businesses, PEO companies are always on the lookout for updates in rules and regulations worldwide. So, collaborating with them helps you to maintain legal compliance at all times.

Saves Time

Since a PEO takes charge of all the global HR responsibilities of your company from payroll processing to tax filing, you get more time for other productive activities within your organization.

Top-Notch Security

When you entrust PEOs with your HR responsibilities, your data is in safe hands. Full-fledged PEO companies have expensive and advanced virtual security vaults in place to withstand any attempt for data breach.

Why Multiplier is the Right PEO for Your Business

At Multiplier, we extend professional assistance to businesses of every size to onboard, manage and pay full-time employees and independent contractors in any country without a local entity. We can be your local entity everywhere.

100% statutory compliance is our promise and you don’t have to keep track of labor laws and tax bills anymore.

Worried about employee ownership? Take a chill pill. While we manage your international resources and help new hires with hassle-free onboarding, you retain complete ownership. It’s as simple as that.

With our real-time reports, you can monitor HR activities anywhere and anytime without being actually involved in the process. We take care of it for you while giving you transparency into what we do on your behalf. Maximum transparency means no hidden charges!

On top of everything, the one-click feature of our global PEO platform facilitates you to approve employee payroll with just a tap of the button.

Want to achieve faster global expansion with Multiplier? Get in touch with us today.

Hiring and onboarding using Multiplier ensures you hire remote talent with locally compliant, fool-proof job contracts, offer emphatic benefits and disburse salaries accurately with absolutely nil errors in payrolls.

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