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What it’s like to be named one of the most promising fintech startups of 2023

When the news came in, we first had to pause and just exclaim, “Oh, seriously? Heck yeah.” Then there was a series of high-fives and a few fist-bumps.

So, why the office hype?

Multiplier was just named one of the most promising fintech startups of 2023 by the good people over at CB Insights, in their 6th annual Fintech 100 list. We are honored to have been included among the 100 most promising private fintech companies across the globe. Not too bad for a company that’s just getting warmed up.

Making the Lives of HR Professionals Easier

At Multiplier, we have made it our end-all mission to make international payroll easy and risk-free, not to mention seamless and reliable. We observed first-hand just how frustrating and frenzied payroll has been for this industry, especially businesses looking to expand globally regardless of size, and we said, “No more!” No more chaos. No more headaches. Payroll should be as easy as hitting a button. So that’s what we did. To have the team at Global Insights recognize our efforts in the field of payroll and benefits acts as an indicator that we are on the right track to making the lives of HR professionals easier. “This award means a lot,” Sagar Khatri, CEO, states. “The future of payroll is payments. And, payments have seen a great deal of advancements that have never been adopted by payroll itself. We are approaching payroll, not from a services perspective, but from an automated payments POV. Our aim is to revolutionize how people think about payroll.”

The Road to a World Without Limits

With the impending talent crunch on the horizon and businesses looking for ways to not only find top talent, but also keep the bottom line from spiraling out of control, Multiplier stands as a true partner in the global expansion game. “[Global expansion] was only available to the biggest companies. An SME manufacturing company or a small accounting firm couldn’t randomly build a team in Mexico—because they didn’t have the capital, the resources, or the time. Now, because we’ve lowered the cost of transaction, all businesses can access talent overseas,” Amrit Singh, states. “Thanks to our technology, we make it fundamentally easier for companies to hire individuals in a foreign country.” When companies realize they are able to access talent in other countries, as well as pay that talent with ease and reliability, everybody wins. For more information on how you can make your payroll easier as your business grows, we’d be more than happy to jump on a call. Or, feel free to read more about global payroll services for your business.
Emily Dunlop
Emily Dunlop

Head of Brand

Emily is the Head of Brand Marketing at Multiplier, responsible for mixing customer and commercial insight with gut-feel to develop successful brand propositions and multi-channel marketing strategies.

Employ the best person for job, regardless of location

Employ the best person for job, regardless of location

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