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Multiplier customers enjoy exclusive offers on Perceptionbox services. For more details, reach out to us.



Multiplier customers enjoy exclusive offers on Perceptionbox services. For more details, reach out to us.

Candidate Type

  • Full time
  • Contractor

Candidate Regions

  • Central Europe
  • Eastern Europe

Experience Level

  • All levels


  • On-site/Remote

Sourcing Agency


About Perceptionbox

Tech recruitment in Central/Eastern Europe done with predictable speed, price and volume.

8 years in the market, more than 200k engineers in the database.

Perceptionbox is a tech team scaling vendor with more than 8 years in the market. We’ve scaled 75 tech products and received exceptional clients’ feedbacks. Building long-term engagement we focus on deep understanding of the client requirements and culture. We’ve worked a lot with startups and SMBs matching talents to dynamic and fast-paced environments. Recruitment Subscription model allows our clients to lease our Recruitment capacities to get a fixed number of relevant candidates every week, predictable terms to close the roles and maximum level of engagement. You could START and STOP recruitment when you need.

Key features

  • Fixed fee
  • Dedicated Recruitment squad (3 people + Software)
  • Weekly commitments. 1-5 qualified candidates per week guaranteed
  • Any Complexity of roles
  • Test drive. 14 days trial to see the process in action
  • Consulting. CEE hiring knowledge and Market insights
  • Comfort. Start and stop hiring any moment

Hiring in these categories

  • Hi-tech industry
  • Software Engineers
  • Delivery managers
  • Data Engineers
  • QA Engineers
  • DevOps/MLOps
  • ML/BI Architects
  • UI/UX designers
  • Embedded Engineers
  • Others

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