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Is your previous Employer of Record costing you heavily as you grow? With Multiplier, you can employ talent - with 100% confidence and compliance -  from anywhere in the world at unbelievably low costs.

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How Multiplier Helps You Grow

Get the Multiplier advantage at a competitive pricing and build dashingly talented global remote teams.





Manage Expert Talent At Low Costs. No Hidden Fees

With Multiplier’s 100+ local entities - boosted by our SaaS ecosystem - you can onboard employees from around the world at a payroll processing fees, which is 20%-80% lesser than our competitors.

Generate fully compliant employment contracts in seconds

Our platform does all the hard work so that you don’t have to worry over legal and labour issues when drafting contracts for foreign employees. Our legal partners ensure you send employment contracts that are locally compliant.

Pay a global team in one click

Our payroll platform reduces payroll processing to a few clicks. Pay off distributed teams using our payroll solution. Generate invoices and manage them from a single place.

Manage Global benefits

Multiplier amps up employee satisfaction by providing solid benefits with relevance to local compliance and labour laws. We also open up room for negotiating benefits and help you seal the best deal for your new employee.

Affordable & flat pricing, no hidden charges, no surprises

Hiring Employees

Find the best hires to build a winning global team. Let us manage compliance, payroll, and benefits for them.

$ 200/ Month

Per Employee

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Employment Contracts & Compliance
Automated Payments & Payroll In Local Currency
24/7 Customer Support
Self Serve Onboarding
Payments To Tax Authorities & Benefits Administration
Delegation Of In-Country Employer's Legal Responsibilities To Multiplier

Hiring Contractor

Leverage the benefits of contract employment while we take care of onboarding, compliance, and payout

$ 40/ Month

Per Contractor

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Employment Contracts & Compliance
Automated Payments & Payroll In Local Currency
24/7 Customer Support
Self Serve Onboarding

Scale Up Your Remote Team Without Burning Your Pocket

The one tool you will need to set up teams recruited from the global work force - in the most economic way.

70% more salary reduction

90% reduction in time to hire

70% increase in employee satisfaction

Our Clients Love️ Us

"Multiplier helped us expand to multiple markets in APAC within the same month. The whole process was efficient and seamless and saved us a lot of time."
Catherine T
Head of Operations, Mid Market
"We moved to Multiplier from our existing service provider because of their transparent and tech-driven solution. It was the best decision we made."
Head of Finance, Mid Market
"Thanks to the support of the Multiplier team, we built out our remote tech team in just a month."
Jessica M
Head of HR, Small Business

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Grow your global team with Multiplier

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