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Enabling compliant global employment for businesses big and small

One comprehensive platform to manage your global teams compliantly, and take care of their payroll, taxes, social contributions & local insurance policies.

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Trusted by both industry leaders and fast-growing companies across the globe

Experience Borderless, Flexible & Quick Employment Solutions

Quickly enter new global markets

Avoid the hassle of setting up your entities to employ global talent.

Fuel business growth with global employment

Focus on getting the best talent pipeline you can, and leave the rest to us.

Stay compliant and risk-free

Minimize the  risks of global employment by complying with local labor laws.

Compliantly Onboard, Pay and Administer Employee Benefits

Hire and Onboard Employees and Contractors

We ensure that all contracts comply with labour law requirements, no matter where your talent is located. This includes appropriate benefits, statutory leave, overtime regulations, working hours, and salaries.

Manage Multi-country Payroll and Payments

Multi-country payroll can be complex. With Multiplier, you can easily run payroll and make payments to your global teams in 120+ currencies.

Deliver Homogenous Benefits and Insurance

Provide best-in-class, customized and competitive insurance coverage of global standards for your teams across the globe.

Be a globally compliant employer

Run compliance on auto-pilot mode with our on-ground team of legal experts and resources that can help you stay abreast of the changing labor laws.

The Multiplier Experience - Built for businesses of all sizes

Local business entities in over 150 countries across APAC, Europe and Americas
Secure cloud AWS, 100% GDPR compliant and enterprise-class data protection policies
Onboard global employees and make payments in 120+ currencies
Strong team of legal experts on-site to craft compliant contracts

Exclusively for

London event participants

Get a head-start on global employment

Hire Employees
Onboard full-time employees in countries where you don’t have entities

What's Covered

  • Instant Employment Contracts
  • Multi-country payroll
  • Multi-currency payments
  • ESOPs, Benefits and Insurance administration
  • Expense and Leave Management
  • 24/7 support from local HR and legal experts, no third-party delays

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Pay Freelancers
Onboard and pay freelancers across the globe in minutes

What's Covered

  • Instant Contracts
  • Multi-currency and crypto payments
  • Benefits and Insurance administration
  • 24/7 support from local HR and legal experts, no third-party delays
  • Remittance advice

*Terms and Conditions

  • The above offer  is applicable only to HR Tech X event  attendees and is valid till July 31, 2022
  • When you redeem this offer, you get to use any or all of Multiplier’s solutions for three-months at no cost
  • You can onboard or run payroll for an unlimited number of full-time employees or contractors, not limited to any specific country.

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