Employ your first hire in less than 24 hours for free

You have a bigger talent pool when you hire globally. Let us help you onboard and pay your first hire compliantly, risk-free.
Compliantly enter new markets
Fearlessly hire with full compliance
Pay global teams in one click

Why Multiplier

Access local expertise without a local entity.

We are your eyes and ears on the ground! Our in-country expertise covers compliance, payroll, benefits, and more. We help you onboard the perfect hire, comply with labour laws, and take care of payments.

Manage global employment needs quickly and reliably.

Multiplier delivers all the services required for global employment from a single platform. We own the full stack of services, so you enjoy a time-efficient, reliable, and more productive engagement.

Why Multiplier

Simplify global employment of any scale or structure

Whether it's one hire from one country, ten hires from ten countries, full-time or contractors, our platform gets the job done. You find the ideal team, and we will take care of the rest.

Retain employee ownership.

We help you build the perfect international team without giving up employee ownership!  Employee IP, day to day communication, and management are owned and managed by you.

Just a step away from hiring your first employee for free!

Easy self-serving onboarding
Full local compliance
Transparent pricing
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Hire without a legal entity

We have set up legal entities across the world so you don’t have to. Just hire under our entities to expand your global team fast with no compliance risk.

Remote onboarding in six clicks

Once you add your employee’s details on the platform, it generates a country-specific, compliant contract to employ them into your company.

Simple, Straight-forward and All-inclusive

Pay only after your employees start

Onboard full-time employees

Employ people around the world without creating your own entity in each country
Starting from

*Free $299

Per employee per month
*First employee free
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Run payroll and benefits

Pay and take care of your international employees by ensuring timely payroll and competitive benefits
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Pay your freelancers

Onboard and pay your freelancers in minutes
Starting from

*Free $39

Per freelancer per month
*For existing EOR customers with over 5 employees onboard
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Ready, Set, Go! Get your first hire for free!

No Hidden Charges, No Surprises

Full-time Employees


$ 300

Per Employee / Month

Plan includes
Plan includes

Payslips, Employment Contracts & Compliance

Automated Payments & Payroll In Local Currency

24/7 Customer Support

Self Serve Onboarding

Payments To Tax Authorities & Benefits Administration

Delegation Of In-Country Employer's Legal Responsibilities To Multiplier



$ 40

Per Freelancer / Month

Plan includes
Plan includes

Payslips, Employment Contracts & Compliance

Automated Payments & Payroll In Local Currency

24/7 Customer Support

Self Serve Onboarding

Every experience counts

What customers have to say about Multiplier

“Multiplier helped us expand to multiple markets in APAC within the same month. The whole process was efficient and seamless and saved us a lot of time.”

Head of HR, Sonoco


“We Moved to Multiplier from our existing service provider because of their transparent and tech-driven solution. It was the best decision we made.”

GM APAC, DB Results


“Thanks to the support of the Multiplier team, we built out our remote tech team in just a month”

CFO , Smoke ball


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Multiplier and how does it function?

Multiplier is a modern-age Saas-based global EOR solution. With a presence in 150+ countries, Multiplier facilitates seamless global employment and expansion for brands looking to set up globally distributed teams.

How quickly can I onboard overseas employees through Multiplier’s EOR?

Onboarding employees on Multiplier happens in a few clicks. Practically, you can employ new foreign talent in your company in less than 24 hours.

How does Multiplier's employer of record work?

Companies can take advantage of Multiplier’s EOR to employ foreign talent without setting up local entities in each country. The SaaS-based platform helps you manage and pay all your hired employees from one single dashboard.

In which countries is Multiplier’s entity available?

Overall, Multiplier can enable your presence in over 150 countries around the world. Our strongest markets include all countries in the APAC region. With local entities in over 25 countries around the world and local partners in 100+ others, Multiplier enables brands to hire and grow faster anywhere around the world.

Can Multiplier generate a monthly payslip for my employees?

Yes, Multiplier’s automated payroll solution can generate invoices and payslips in one click. Our 100+ in-house experts take care of compliantly paying your employees all over the globe.

Does Multiplier comply with local tax laws for each country?

Thanks to local experts in each country, Multiplier is able to employ your talent with 100% compliance. Our in-house experts and on-ground staff stay cognizant of labor laws and regulations 24x7 ensuring you are fully compliant with tax laws, payrolls, benefits even in rapidly changing socio-economic environments.