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Advantages of Employing Talent in Thailand

Onboard from a vast pool of talented full-stack developers, data scientists, UI/UX engineers, and sales associates

Whether contractor or full-time employees, we can take care of all the compliance aspects of employment in Thailand

We've got you covered with 100+ experts on-ground who help you stay abreast of local labor and tax laws

One all-inclusive platform for payroll, compliance, and benefits in Thailand

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Rapidly Scale Your Business 

Onboard New Employees In Just Minutes
Ensure Zero Compliance Mistakes
Scale Your Business at an Affordable Price

Provide The Best Employee Benefits To Attract The Top Talent

Easily Offer Insurance & Grant Social Security
Provide Annual, Sick & Family Leaves
Grant ESOPs & Offer Additional Benefits for Employees

Make Payments in the Thai Baht

On-Time and 100% Accurate Payroll
Hassle-free payments to Full-Time Employees and Contractors
Easily Generate Payslips 

Compliantly Onboard Talent In Thailand at a Transparent Price

Pay your full-time employees

Engage in risk-free onboarding for full-time employees 
Starting from


Per employee per month
*Get your first employee onboarded for free until 31 December 2021

We cover

  • Contracts in multiple languages
  • Global payroll
  • Competitive benefits tailored to Thailand
  • Expenses and Leaves for your team
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Pay your freelancers

Seamlessly employ freelancers
Starting from


Per freelancer per month
*Pay your freelancer for free forever if you are our existing EOR customer with over 5 employees

We cover-

  • Contracts in multiple languages
  • Global payroll
  • Health insurance
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Ensure timely payroll and benefits

Pay and take care of your employees in Thailand 
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Why Multiplier

legal entities

Multi-lingual contracts

Multi-currency payments

Crypto payments for freelancers

100% local compliance

Loved by Businesses, Big and Small 

Rated 4.8/5 on G2 For Ease of Use

12/10 recommend it
Reliability and speed of service. It feels like my high functioning HR department that just handles hiring and payroll and HR and benefits and claims, etc, regardless of the location. I'm a first-time startup founder and can't imagine building and growing a fully remote startup without Multiplier's help.
Sina M, Founder, CEO
Learning Loop
Effective & Cost-Efficient
Responsiveness of the Multiplier team is amazing. Whenever issues arise, the team is extremely quick to tackle & solve them. I also love the very smooth onboarding of new employees, no matter the country.
Hafiz K, Co-Founder
Very helpful
Very helpful for us - we were able to onboard remote hires easily while also ensuring we were compliant with all local legislation. Most importantly, Multiplier gave us the confidence that our team would be paid accurately, on time, and with the right benefits.
Rob Bryson, Founder
Recommended Multiplier to 3 more businesses!
The platform is simple and straight-forward. A few clicks and you are done with compliance. It's so simple.
Prateek C, Founder & CEO
Kitabeli Pte Ltd
The best solution to hire and expand globally
Their experts are very responsive and have information at hand. The platform is also very flexible.
Saurabh M, General Manager
MoEngage Inc
Stress-free freelancer management
No need of partnering with different solutions after we started working with Multiplier. For a fair price, Multiplier provides the best solution to manage several employees at once.
Pauline W, CEO

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Multiplier, and how can it help me?

Multiplier is an innovative SaaS-based global employment solution. We expedite smooth global employment and expansion for businesses looking to set up teams in Thailand.

How quickly can I onboard my employees in Thailand through Multiplier?

Onboarding contractors on Multiplier happens in a few clicks. Practically, you can employ new talent in your company in less than 24 hours.

In which countries is Multiplier’s entity available?

Multiplier has its own local entities in over 150 countries across APAC, Europe, and the U.S.

Does Multiplier help set up a local infrastructure in a foreign country for my company?

No. Multiplier does not offer help setting up a local infrastructure in a foreign country. However, you can use Multiplier’s local entities to park your employees on our payroll.

How much does a global employer of record cost?

Take a tour of all the global EoRs in the market. Hiring an employee can cost anywhere between $1000 - $2000.
However, Multiplier’s platform saves you anywhere between 70-90% of the cost of hiring a traditional global employer of record. With Multiplier, you can employ full-time employees at $300/employee per month and contractors at $40/freelancer per month.

Does the platform work for employees, contractors, or both?

Multiplier’s platform supports employment and offers benefits for both employees and contractors.