Employ, Pay and Manage Your Global Remote Teams In a Unified Platform

Hire, onboard, and pay via one integrated platform. Manage expenses, invoices, and endow benefits in less than 10 clicks using Multiplier

We Helped Build 100% Complaint Global Teams Using Multiplier

Why Multiplier

Employ, onboard, and manage your international team without setting up a local entity.

Expand in 100+ Countries

Our local entities around the world do the hard work, so that you don’t have to. Breeze through compliance and administrative issues by using our Employer Of Record solution.

Unlimited Hiring

Hire compliantly without limits from across the world. With Multiplier's EOR, you can hire and onboard global remote teams fast and easy.

Provide Best Insurance

As your EOR, we tailor the most emphatic insurance benefits to your employees. Our legal experts and partners tailor employee benefits according to local requirements ensuring maximum employee satisfaction.

Retain Employee Ownership.

Order your troops on day-day tasks taking zero legal responsibility for any of them. Our EOR solution enrolls your employees on our payroll, thus, relieving you off any legal responsibility for your employees.

Success Stories

We have helped  companies of all sizes in their journey to build a great global team. But don't just take our word for it! Here’s what our customer have to say
Catherine T

Head of Operations, Mid Market

Multiplier helped us expand to multiple markets in APAC within the same month. The whole process was efficient and seamless and saved us a lot of time.

Jessica M

Head of HR, Small Business

Thanks to the support of the Multiplier team, we built out our remote tech team in just a month.


Head of Finance, Mid Market

We moved to Multiplier from our existing service provider because of their transparent and tech-driven solution. It was the best decision we made.

Onboard in any country with ease

Congratulations on finding the perfect hire! The rest is simple. Add the necessary details like country and employment type, and watch the platform generate a locally compliant contract for the new hire.

Generate employment contracts instantly

As soon as the employee is onboarded the platform will generate locally compliant employment contracts, setup payroll and sort out the paperwork. Plus, all the documentation is stored on the dashboard for easy reference at any time.

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Low cost

Provide insurance and benefits

With Multiplier, you can provide local health insurance benefits to your entire global team. And If you want to add more employee benefits, consider it done!  Tell us which benefits you want to apply and we'll do the rest. This is a great way to keep employees motivated and retain your talent.

Pay taxes for any country without the hassle

Gone are the days of spending countless hours filing tax paperwork. The platform has all the forms available, and you can access them depending on your region and employment type. Once the employee completes the form, our experts will take care of filing the taxes and make sure the payments go out on time.

Affordable & flat pricing, no hidden charges, no surprises


Payslips, Employment Contracts & Compliance

Automated Payments & Payroll In Local Currency

24/7 Customer Support

Self Serve Onboarding

Payments To Tax Authorities & Benefits Administration

Delegation Of In-Country Employer's Legal Responsibilities To Multiplier


Freelancer Agreements

Automated Payments & Payroll In Local Currency

24/7 Customer Support

Self Serve Onboarding

asked questions

Are my payments secure?

Your payments are processed securely, via our payment partners, with the necessary regulatory licenses in all our supported countries. Please reach out to us for more information.

What country does my company have to be in to use Multiplier's employment services?​

Your company can be almost anywhere in the world, with the exception of sanctioned countries. We cover more than 50 countries across various geographies and are constantly working to expand our footprint.

Can I issue stock options to my remote employees?

Yes, ESOPs can be issued to your staff in most jurisdictions with ease. Contact us for a more detailed understanding of how you can leverage a strong incentive plan to get better talent.

What is an Employer of Record (EoR)?​

An EoR is a company that serves as the employer for tax purposes while the employee performs work at a different company. The EoR takes on the legal and formal responsibility of traditional employment regulatory obligations. An EoR also manages social security, pensions, IP protection, etc on your behalf.

What are the benefits of using an Employer of Record company?

Companies use an EoR service to manage labor compliance in a foreign country and better management of their distributed teams. Companies require distributed teams to access a wider talent pool or for market expansion. We also protect you against permanent establishment risk.

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