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1-on-1 meeting

Why is a 1-on-1 meeting important?

A one-on-one meeting is a private conversation between two people in a professional setting. It’s typically scheduled with the intent to provide feedback, discuss a specific agenda, or address key concerns. These sessions are also used within mentoring programs.

To take a couple of examples, a manager may schedule a one-on-one meeting with an employee in order to explore their progress in the role or a company director may talk with a team lead to plan for an upcoming project.

One-on-one meetings are often set up as a weekly occurring event within teams. This allows each person to feel seen and supported, building trust and common understanding. It’s also common for team members to give feedback about their roles within this type of meeting as this further allows the two parties to resolve any underlying barriers to communication. Direct, personal interaction can also boost employee morale.

To run a successful one-on-one meeting, it’s important to stay positive and to practice active listening by asking questions and showing genuine interest in what the other person is saying. This, along with an assurance of privacy, will build a level of trust that will encourage employees to share what’s on their minds.

If you are running weekly one-on-ones, you should also set up a familiar schedule so that you can save time and highlight key issues in your conversations. For example, as a manager, you could ask a team member first what they think has been going well in the role the past week, second which areas they need support in, and third whether there are any issues they’d like to raise.

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