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Mobile employee

Who is referred to as mobile employee?

A mobile employee is an individual who works away from the office and connects with team members through technology. A demographic of people that has increased since the rise of remote work, often these employees will travel frequently or work from several different locations.

By recruiting mobile employees, companies can access a wider talent pool while reducing office costs. They’re likely to be able to find individuals with specialized skills, experiences, and perspectives that may not be readily available in their immediate vicinity. At the same time, mobile employees can benefit from increased flexibility — something that is particularly valuable in roles (such as sales) where it is valuable to be on the move.

To manage mobile employees, organizations need to implement robust technology. This includes streamlined communications software and project management solutions that bring employees together.
To ensure mobile employees’ well-being and connection with the wider company, organizations should also offer benefits such as online wellness programs.

HR platforms such as Multiplier make managing distributed teams easy with global payroll support and benefits management. Our experts simplify compliance and employee experience no matter where employees are working.

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