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HR Compliance

What is HR compliance?

HR compliance refers to the adherence to laws, regulations, and HR industry standards to minimize legal risks and ensure fair treatment of employees. It compasses workplace safety, anti-discrimination policies, data protection, fair hiring, employee classification, pay compliance, benefits compliance, training and development, and documentation practices.

HR compliance requires that organizations stay abreast of labor law updates at local, national, and international levels. Adhering to these standards not only safeguards them against legal issues and fines but also builds trust among teams. When a company can transparently show that they’re sticking to all key compliance requirements, it instills confidence in employees.

For support with staying on top of HR regulations across countries, companies should turn to a global HR solution such as Multiplier. We stay up to date on compliance regulations in over 150 countries so that you don’t have to. Our platform secures all data with the latest AWS, GDPR-compliant and enterprise-class policies.

Our solution saves you time by automating key calculations, supporting accurate employee classification, and ensuring that all employees are paid in line with local taxation regulations. It also provides a centralized location for employees to access information about their benefits, salary, and more.

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