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Cost per hire

What is cost per hire metric?

Cost per hire is a metric used to calculate the total expenses incurred by an organization for recruiting and hiring a new employee. This will typically include external costs such as advertising and paying recruiters and internal costs such as interviewing and onboarding costs. For example, if you hire 50 people in a year and spend $100,000 for adverts on job boards, training programs, and paying staff for their time to interview, your cost per hire would be £2,000.

Tracking cost per hire allows you to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of your recruitment process and allocate the budget in the right places. You can compare your cost to hire to industry benchmarks and then analyze which areas of your recruitment process are slowing you down or adding extra costs. You might find, for example, that an external recruitment agency costs less than when you hire internally and this would then justify additional budget allocation.

It’s important to also take into account return on investment. Even if your total cost per hire on a particular employee is high, this will not matter if they end up providing a lot of value to the company in the long term.

This is why it’s important to choose a professional employer organization such as Multiplier that is accredited by the ESAC or certified by the IRS and up to date with global compliance. With the right relationship, you can grow together in the long term.

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