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Pay period

What is considered as the pay period?

A pay period is the specific timeframe over which employees’ earnings are calculated. This is usually aligned with the payroll cycle which is the regular schedule set by an employer to process payments and manage related admin.

Common pay frequencies include weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, and monthly, each offering its benefits. Employees who are paid weekly can find it easier to manage their finances, for example. Meanwhile, a monthly pay period can be easier for employers to manage because it’s easier to process payroll alongside other monthly financial transactions.

Some countries have labor laws that dictate the timing of wage payments. This means employers have to consider the regulations of the countries and states their employees live in when they set their pay periods. For example, in California, labor law mandates that non-exempt employees are paid at least twice a month. Meanwhile, in the United Kingdom, monthly pay periods are common.

For support with paying employees in a compliant way, companies should look to a global HR platform such as Multiplier. This automatically notifies you of regulations in different locations and processes payments accordingly.

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