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What is a paysilp document?

A payslip is a document that’s provided to employees to detail their earnings. It includes gross salary (the amount they receive before any deductions are applied) and net salary (the amount they receive after these deductions). It will also include information about tax, overtime pay, bonuses, allowances, contributions into schemes such as retirement plans, and year-to-date figures which show total earnings from the beginning of the financial year.

As an employer, providing accurate, comprehensive, and on-time payslips is a critical part of maintaining good relationships with employees and meeting legal requirements across the globe. Payslips serve as a record of taxable income, contributions, and other details that both employers need to keep for filing purposes.

These days, payslips are often generated online, providing a more convenient way for employers and employees to check and store key documents. To ensure a great employee experience and streamlined pay calculations (including tax across countries), it’s best to use a global payroll solution such as Multiplier. Inside our dashboard, payroll is processed and then payslips are automatically generated so employees and employers can see all the details they need in seconds.

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