Expanding Employee Horizons with Multiplier

Finally, work without borders

At Multiplier, we believe in a world where geographical boundaries don't define your career. We’re here to bridge the gap between talent and opportunity, offering employees a gateway to international work experiences.

2000+ Customers | 160+ Countries served

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Multiplier Eases Business Burdens for a Flexible and Balanced Work Life

Multiplier takes on the heavy lifting that prohibits companies from looking for international talent:  payroll, benefits, tax compliance, insurance, and beyond. With these burdens lifted, Multiplier enables companies to focus on the core of their business.This is flexible, location-independent work and a better work-life balance unlocked. 

Why Multiplier?

With Multiplier, you become part of a global community where your
skills are connected to companies beyond your current location.

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International Opportunities

Unlock a world of growth and diversity by accessing job opportunities across the globe. Enhance your professional journey with roles that challenge, inspire, and broaden horizons.

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Global Benefits

Comprehensive packages to ensure that employee everywhere benefit from health, financial, and lifestyle perks that cater to local and global standards.

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Seamless Platform Experience

From onboarding to managing your work-life needs, the Multiplier experience is designed with efficiency and ease in mind.

Support and security

Reliable Support and Security

Rest assured with round-the-clock support from dedicated employee success managers who prioritize career progression and global opportunities.

Full Compliance Assurance 

Stay secure with our fully-compliant solutions that protect against misclassification risks and adhere to local laws.

Support And Security
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Global Payroll

On-Time Payments

Multiplier is designed to guarantee on-time payments, ensuring that you never have to worry about any financial delays.

Payroll Accuracy

Our advanced payroll system boasts an impressive accuracy rate of 99.95%, which means you can have complete confidence in the reliability and correctness of your payroll calculations.

The preferred choice of leading global organizations

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Unlock a world of global talent without the red tape.

 Recommend Multiplier to your employer today and pave the way for a more diverse, flexible, and inclusive workspace. With Multiplier, we can all work where we thrive.