Effortlessly onboard pay manage

your international workforce with 100% compliance.

Multiplier ensures every step of your global hiring meets local regulatory standards. Onboard new hires, oversee orientation paperwork, add them to payroll, and sign them up for benefits without opening a local entity.

Trusted by industry leaders in the US and beyond to support their global payroll and compliance

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Unlock the doors to international employment

Ensure compliance throughout the onboarding process. We navigate U.S. immigration and employment laws plus the laws of the employees’ home countries.

From onboarding to payroll and benefits administration to immigration assistance to legally sound contracts – Multiplier handles it all!

Establish trust with global teams by ensuring quick and timely payments

Manage payroll in 120+ currencies and ensure compliance with local employment regulations, taxes, and benefits on a single platform

Optimize your onboarding process

Streamline your onboarding with automated document management, e-signatures, and onboarding workflows unique to each employee to reduce time and complexity. Ensure your employees have a smooth transition into your company wherever they are.

Make compliance a priority

Access support from on-ground experts in every country you operate in to ensure 100% compliance

Get a single view of your international employees' time and expenses

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Keep track of reimbursements, leave schedules, and timesheets—review, approve, and reject requests on a single, efficient platform

All-in-one platform for international payroll, compliance, and benefits

The preferred choice of leading global organizations

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and Secure

Multiplier’s cutting-edge solutions allow you to compliantly onboard, pay, and provide benefits across borders and continents and stay connected with your global teams.

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Local business entities in over 150 countries across APAC, Europe, and the Americas



Secure cloud AWS and enterprise-class data protection policies and certifications

Hand Globe


Onboard global employees in a few clicks — hassle-free and completely compliant



A solid team of on-ground legal and tax experts to draft fully compliant contracts

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Frequently Asked Questions

Multiplier is a global employment platform that streamlines hiring and onboarding international employees. It handles compliance, payroll, and benefits across over 150 countries, making it unnecessary to establish local entities

By employing local legal experts who are constantly updated on regional labor laws and regulations, Multiplier ensures that all employment contracts, payrolls, and benefits packages meet local legal requirements, minimizing the risk of non-compliance

Thanks to its automated processes, Multiplier can onboard international employees within minutes, allowing businesses to start operations with new hires almost immediately​

Multiplier provides a range of benefits including health insurance, retirement plans, and Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs), all tailored to meet local standards and designed to keep employees motivated and engaged

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Get your international team onboard in minutes