Broaden your hiring pool by onboarding global talent

Multiplier is your extended HR operations team in every country. Onboard, pay, and manage your global team compliantly and engagingly without opening a local entity.

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Trusted by industry leaders to provide global HR solutions for U.S. teams

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Use Multiplier to employ global teams — without hassles or delays

As an expanding employer based in the United States, your next hire could be in the Philippines, Brazil, Australia, or anywhere in the globe. Our platform helps you experience frictionless onboarding.

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Run Global Payroll Accurately And Disburse Payments In Over 120 Currencies

Global Payroll

Run global payroll accurately and disburse payments in over 120 currencies

Let Multiplier handle your global teams’ payroll, payments, and taxes. Our in-country experts will handle your global employees' payroll securely and compliantly.

Global Benefits

Make your global employees feel like an equal part of the team

Protect your employer brand across your global footprint. Offer curated benefits to attract the best talent. Select from a range of cost-effective coverages of global standards.

Make Your Global Employees Feel Like An Equal Part Of The Team
Manage Expenses And Reimbursements For Your Global Teams

Expense Management

Manage expenses and reimbursements for your global teams

Get a consolidated view of your expense reports and manage the approvals hassle-free.

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Unlock global expansion & growth with a robust employment solution

Multiplier is an all-in-one solution that lets you empower your HR teams and manage and engage your distributed teams effectively.

Make informed global hiring decisions

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Explore country guides to help you navigate through the hiring landscape in different regions

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Find information about work permits including the VISA process in different countries

The preferred choice of leading global organizations

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Frequently Asked Questions

Multiplier offers a comprehensive platform that simplifies global employment. It handles payroll, compliance, and benefits across over 150 countries, allowing HR teams to efficiently manage international employees without setting up local entities, thus reducing administrative burdens and ensuring compliance with local laws

Multiplier ensures that all employment contracts, payroll processes, and benefits adhere to local labor laws and regulations. With local legal experts who stay updated on regional laws, Multiplier minimizes the risk of non-compliance and legal issues, providing peace of mind for HR teams

Yes, Multiplier can provide necessary onboarding equipment such as laptops and IT accessories to employees in various countries. This ensures new hires are well-equipped from their first day, simplifying the logistics for HR teams

Multiplier simplifies international hiring by managing compliance, payroll, and benefits, allowing HR teams to focus on strategic activities. This enhances efficiency and compliance across global operations, making it an ideal choice for HR teams​

Multiplier offers features like one-click payroll, multilingual compliant contracts, expense management, and comprehensive benefits administration. These tools equip HR teams with everything they need to manage a global workforce efficiently from a single platform​

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Want to know more about how Multiplier can support you in recruiting and employing people globally?

Want to know more about how Multiplier can support you in recruiting and employing people globally?