Hire contractors & freelancers wherever you need them

Prompt and country- and state-compliant freelancer and contractor onboarding, invoicing, and payments. Pay freelancers seamlessly in over 150 countries through an intuitive dashboard.

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Trusted by the most successful businesses in the world

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Hire & pay freelancers without worrying about misclassification risks or payment woes

The preferred choice of leading U.S. organizations

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Level up freelancer payments with Multiplier’s powerful features

Multiplier simplifies the process of hiring freelancers with tools for contract management, digital signatures, and organized documentation—all customized for U.S. business practices and compliant with local U.S. laws.

Freelancers can submit invoices based on agreed-upon payment terms in seconds. You can initiate payments for submitted invoices or reject invoices by communicating clearly with freelancers.

Don’t miss a beat. Pay all your distributed freelancers in one run, without errors or miscalculations.

Benefit from multicurrency payments to freelancers in over 120+ currencies. The best part? You can use a single currency to pay Multiplier, and we will ensure your freelancers across borders get paid in their respective local currencies.

Freelancers can claim expenses via the Multiplier platform, and you can reimburse them simply and easily.

With Multiplier, freelancers can get paid in the cryptocurrency they choose. Businesses can send payments to freelancers in two ways:

Make payments in fiat, where Multiplier will handle the conversion into the desired cryptocurrency.
Make direct cryptocurrency payments.

How it works


Hire the best-suited freelancer for the job


Onboard on Multiplier and generate the contract instantly 

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Multiplier sends your freelancer an onboarding email

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Multiplier onboards the freelancer and creates an invoice for a specified period


Approve and initiate payments for multiple freelancers at the same time


Get to know us better

Frequently Asked Questions

Multiplier is a SaaS-based platform that assists US companies in hiring and managing freelancers globally. We simplify creating compliant contracts, managing invoices, and making payments.

To onboard a freelancer, you:

  • Select “Hire and Onboard” on the platform.
  • Enter the freelancer’s basic details, including name, email, tax
    residency, job title, and contract duration.</span >
  • Choose the compensation type and payout frequency.
  • Generate or upload a compliant contract.
  • Send the contract for the freelancer to review and sign

It really is that simple.

Multiplier allows US companies to pay freelancers in over 120 currencies, including the option for cryptocurrency payments. The platform supports multiple payout frequencies and ensures timely, accurate payments based on approved invoices

Yes, freelancers can file expenses through the Multiplier platform, and companies can easily manage and reimburse these expenses, ensuring a smooth financial workflow

Multiplier integrates with various project management tools, like ClickUp, Trello, and Asana, to help track the progress of tasks assigned to freelancers. This ensures efficient project management and constant communication

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Get your overseas freelancers on board in a matter of minutes.

Want to try out the Multiplier freelance management platform to see how easy it is to streamline your freelance management process?