Global Compliance Made Simple for U.S. Companies with Multiplier

Navigate international compliance with ease – with data protection, labor laws, corporate governance, and tax regulations to help you meet employment regulations in the U.S. and beyond.

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Trusted by industry leaders to support their global payroll and compliance

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All-In-One Platform For Everything Compliance

Local compliance, global success

Connect with local legal experts in every country you operate in to understand employment, tax, and corporate laws. Gain valuable insight to avoid costly legal issues and fines for noncompliance and protect your business.

Adaptable compliance solutions

Fine-tune your compliance programs to fit the unique needs of your company and the countries where you operate. Our services adjust to scale with your business, specific regional risks, and each country’s requirements.

Real-time compliance updates

Multiplier is proactive about compliance. We provide regular updates on changing laws and regulations that globally impact your organization. With timely insights, you can stay ahead of the curve and remain compliant.

Enhance compliance with innovative technology

Use automated compliance checks, real-time monitoring, and comprehensive reporting to improve the efficiency of your compliance management. Our platform seamlessly integrates with your existing HR compliance systems for a smooth experience with minimal errors.

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622de68512b973694d6f36ea Be A Globally Compliant Employer

Be a Globally Compliant Leader

Reduce Legal and Financial Risks

Adhering to international regulations helps minimize the chances of legal issues and expensive fines. Avoid operational disruptions and focus on your core business activities without the threat of penalties.

Manage Reputation

Compliance showcases your commitment to the ethical practices and legal standards where you do business. Our compliance service strengthens your reputation and credibility with your stakeholders, clients, and partners. 

Data Protection Matters

The Multiplier platform ensures compliance with GDPR and U.S. data protection laws through state-of-the-art encryption and robust security measures. Leveraging Amazon Web Services as our cloud provider adds an extra layer of defense, adhering to the strictest industry standards. Protect sensitive information with our reliable and secure data management solution.

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The preferred choice of leading organizations in the U.S. and beyond

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Get to know us better

Frequently Asked Questions

Multiplier’s Global Compliance service helps US companies ensure that their international operations comply with local labor laws, tax regulations, and employment standards. This service simplifies the complexities of global compliance, allowing companies to focus on their core business activities while minimizing legal risks and penalties

Multiplier employs local legal and tax experts who are well-versed in the labor laws and regulations of over 150 countries. These experts ensure that employment contracts, payroll processes, and employee benefits comply with local requirements, reducing the risk of non-compliance and associated penalties​

Key components include:

  • Employment Law Compliance: Adherence to local employment laws and regulations.
  • Tax and Payroll Compliance: Managing tax withholdings and timely payments.
  • Data Protection and Privacy: Ensuring compliance with data protection regulations like GDPR.
  • Insurance and Benefits Compliance: Providing local insurance and benefits as per country-specific laws.
  • Employment Contracts: Drafting and maintaining compliant employment contracts in multiple languages

Benefits include reducing legal risks, improving operational efficiency, and ensuring timely and accurate payroll and benefits administration. By outsourcing compliance tasks to Multiplier, companies can focus on strategic growth and innovation without the administrative burden of managing compliance in multiple countries

Global compliance is crucial for avoiding legal penalties, maintaining an excellent reputation, and ensuring smooth operations in new markets. It helps build trust with employees and partners by demonstrating a commitment to ethical business practices and adherence to local regulations​


and Secure

Our cutting-edge global employment solution lets to onboard, pay, and provide benefits to employees across borders, all while staying compliant and connected with your teams. Hire and expand with infrastructure that supports your growth.
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Ready to Ensure Global Compliance and Secure Your Business?