Global benefits for your ever-growing team

Multiplier helps U.S. companies provide fully compliant customizable benefits to their international teams. Equip your business with the industry’s best benefits packages across multiple countries.

Trusted by leading U.S. companies to support their global payroll and compliance

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Give Your International Teams Best-in-Class Insurance


Offer your employees a better standard of care with extensive coverage options, from health, dental, vision, and life insurance to Health Savings Accounts (HSA), Federal Spending Accounts (FSA), 401 (k) retirement plans, and more.


Fine-tune our insurance plans to meet the needs of your people and offer what matters most to them. Our benefits packages cater to the local norms and expectations from country to country, so you don’t miss the mark with your employees.


Our platform expertly navigates the complicated landscape of global compliance while adhering to U.S. laws and regulations where applicable. Stay worry-free knowing our plans meet local and abroad compliance standards.

Cut The Need For Multiple Vendors

With Multiplier, you can eliminate the complexity of managing multiple country-specific vendors. Our platform serves as a single solution for US-based and global benefits management.

Global Benefits

A People-Driven Approach To Global Benefits

Multiplier puts your employees’ needs and expectations at the forefront. We prioritize the unique cultural and regional nuances of your diverse international workforce to create employee benefits that resonate personally and professionally.

Get The Best Advantages From The Most Trusted Platform

Attract the best talent from around the world

Nurture high-performing employees

Create a culture of well-being

Boost productivity by incentivizing quality work

Go beyond just country-specific benefits

Comply with local laws

The preferred choice of leading global organizations

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All things benefits - Multiplier is your one go-to partner

A 360-degree global benefits administration platform for your employees in 150+ countries


and Secure

A cutting-edge solution that allows you to onboard, pay and provide benefits across borders compliantly and stay connected with your global teams.

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Get to know us better

Frequently Asked Questions

Multiplier’s Global Benefits service provides US companies with comprehensive benefits packages tailored to meet the unique requirements of employees in over 150 countries. This service helps ensure compliance with local laws, enhances employee satisfaction, and attracts top global talent by offering competitive and localized benefits

Multiplier offers a range of benefits, including health insurance, retirement plans, paid leave, and other localized benefits that meet global standards. These benefits can be customized to suit the specific needs of employees and the company’s budget

Multiplier uses secure AWS cloud servers that comply with GDPR and other international data protection standards. This ensures that all employee data is stored securely and protected from unauthorized access

Yes, Multiplier’s platform supports the management of benefits for both full-time employees and contractors. This allows US companies to offer consistent and competitive benefits packages across their entire global workforce​

Multiplier’s platform allows companies to manage all aspects of employee benefits from a single interface. This includes selecting and customizing benefits packages, tracking claims and payments, and ensuring compliance with local laws, all without the need for multiple third-party vendors

Multiplier can onboard new international employees and set up their benefits quickly, often within a matter of minutes. The platform’s efficient processes ensure employees can start receiving their benefits with minimal delay​

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Get your international team onboard in a matter of minutes