Issue stock options to your global workforce in minutes

Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) enhances employee loyalty, motivation, and satisfaction. Ensure employees worldwide enjoy the benefits of stock ownership through the Multiplier platform.

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Grant Stock Options to Your Entire Global Workforce

How ESOP allocation on Multiplier works

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Step 1

Determine the ESOP particulars you want to allocate to your international hires

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Step 2

Generate fully compliant employment contracts that include ESOP specifics

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Step 3

Onboard your new hires once the contracts are signed & acknowledged

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Facilitate Cross-Broder ESOPs with Expertise

Multiplier simplifies the complexities of cross-border equity distribution that adheres to local regulations and tax laws.

Include ESOP details in the employment contract

Incorporate ESOP specifics directly into employment contracts to ensure clarity and mutual understanding between both parties.

Maintain full control over ESOP planning

Retain complete authority over all critical decisions to do with ESOPs: This includes the ESOP type, the vesting period, the exercise price, plan rules, and liquidity terms.

Attract and inspire your global talent with ESOPs

Unlock the potential of your global workforce with seamless ESOP issuance.

The preferred choice of leading global organizations

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Frequently Asked Questions

An ESOP is a retirement plan that provides employees with ownership interest in the company. Companies allocate a portion of their stock to employees, usually at no upfront cost. These shares are held in an ESOP trust until the employee retires or leaves the company, at which point the company buys the shares back

ESOPs offer employees a valuable form of compensation beyond salary and traditional benefits. They provide an opportunity for wealth accumulation based on company performance, enhancing retirement savings. Having a direct stake in the company often increases job satisfaction and motivation

For employers, ESOPs are a tool for retaining top talent and enhancing corporate performance. They offer a mechanism for business succession planning and provide certain tax benefits, making them advantageous from a corporate finance perspective

Companies can offer various types of ESOPs, including:

  • Call Option Plans: Employees can purchase shares at a certain price and duration.
  • Employee Stock Purchase Plans (ESPP): Employees buy shares at a lower rate than the market value.
  • Restricted Stock Units (RSU): Shares are given based on performance.
  • Stock Appreciation Rights (SARs): Employees earn cash rewards on stock appreciation.
  • Phantom Shares: Employees receive monetary sums based on share value without actual stock transfer

ESOPs can help manage a company’s cash flow by providing options instead of cash incentives. This is beneficial during financial constraints, as it helps stabilize the company’s cash reserves while still offering competitive compensation

The simple process involves:
  • Determining the ESOP details to allocate.
  • Generating an employment contract that includes ESOP specifics.
  • Onboarding the new hire once the contract is signed and acknowledged

Inspire and retain your global talent with ESOPs

Use Multiplier & issue ESOPs, in a few clicks