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Multiplier announces US Dollar pegged Sri Lankan salaries to support the financial wellness of employees

Since 2020, Multiplier has been on a mission to rebalance talent demand and supply through global employment. Against the backdrop of rising demand for remote-based solutions, Multiplier is one of the newest organizations in the market that is solving the global talent shortage and provides an avenue for employers to focus on hiring talent irrespective of the location, without having to worry about entity setup or compliance across the globe. We believe that workforce globalization is one of the most exciting trends of the next decade.

Multiplier is a fully distributed company with a growing engineering team across India, Singapore, Vietnam, Switzerland, Serbia, and Sri Lanka. The demand for deploying a remote and distributed workforce has progressively increased, with the pandemic driving the market. As we build our footprint across the globe, we have been keen on making the Sri Lankan footprint a significant part of this expansion effort.

So, what makes Sri Lanka such an appealing engineering talent destination?

Besides tea estates, abundant wildlife, and beautiful beaches, Sri Lanka also has some great engineering talent. The country’s burgeoning IT talent pool and service culture have gotten a lot of attention. The island is a significant source of talent and technology for several international companies. Sri Lankan engineers are at the vanguard of innovation. And for Multiplier to grow, it will be necessary to strengthen our existing Sri Lankan team and new talent that is seeking opportunities with us.

In keeping with the people-first philosophy, we believe that financial wellness initiatives can improve employee happiness while lowering stress levels. In an ideal situation with a good economy, employers need happy, healthy and skilled employees, while employees expect great opportunities, career growth and a good source of income. However, when faced with an economic crisis, it is critical to explore different and innovative ways to uphold employee wellness. While our “hyper expansion” provides excellent opportunities, we believe our people deserve peace of mind, and are entitled to feel safe during such turbulent circumstances. We believe this is critical to attracting and retaining employees.

We’re pleased to announce that our compensation is pegged against the US dollar. We believe our people deserve peace of mind, and are entitled to feel safe during such turbulent circumstances. We’re backed by some of the best investors in the game (Sequoia, Tiger Global, and DST Global), led by domain-level experts, scaling massively, and seeking brilliant-minded enthusiasts to join our team.

Will Smith
Will Smith

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Will is a Content Writer at Multiplier. With a background in technology journalism, he is passionate about busting jargon, getting to the heart of complex topics, and writing pieces you'll enjoy reading.

Employ the best person for job, regardless of location

Employ the best person for job, regardless of location

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