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Multiplier Recognized as Best HR Software of 2023 and Top 100 Most Flexible Employers

We’re thrilled to share the news that Multiplier has been recognized with two prestigious awards in the HR and employment space, which is a reflection of our commitment to offering a versatile work environment that caters to our employees and clients alike.

For those who don’t know Multiplier, we provide an Employer of Record (EOR) service that simplifies the process of global employment in +150 countries. Multiplier streamlines the employment process by handling local labour laws, compliance, employment contracts, payroll, benefits, taxes, and other complexities.  With Multiplier, global teams can effortlessly source talent from anywhere at any time.

Tekpon Software Marketplace Recognizes Multiplier as Best HR Software for 2023:

Tekpon, a leading software marketplace is formed to help people transform the way they consume and purchase software products and services. Tekpon selected Multiplier as the top vendor in the HR software category.

Tekpon’s editorial review described Multiplier’s employment platform as offering “a range of cutting-edge features” at an affordable cost. According to their review, Multiplier stands out in the HR category due to its emphasis on addressing stakeholder challenges. Its broad range of features assists in resolving the difficulties experienced by both employers and employees in hiring and managing global teams. Multiplier is the ideal choice for those seeking a comprehensive global employment solution with payroll and compliance capabilities, benefits administration, and a dedicated team of customer-centric support partners, the review concluded.

Our co-founder and CPO of Multiplier, Vamsi Krishna, expressed his excitement and gratitude for winning the award for Best HR Software for 2023. According to Krishna, Multiplier has been dedicated to delivering the finest employment and HR solution since its inception in 2020. He also emphasized that Multiplier’s product development is driven by the challenges faced by customers and how the company can make their lives easier. He further explained that Multiplier has consistently prioritized a people-first approach, and winning the award is a deeply humbling experience for the team.

Jobgether Names Multiplier in Top 100 Most Flexible Employers Ranking for 2023

The prestigious ranking by Jobgether recognizes the leaders in remote and flexible work policies, which have gained significance in the current job market.

Among over 20,000 flexible companies evaluated, Jobgether has shortlisted 6,800 employers offering 64,000+ remote positions, and Multiplier has secured a place in the Top 100 globally. This shortlisting was done based on FlexScore methodology, that has 30 different criteria it takes into consideration. As more businesses embrace remote and flexible work policies, we strive to maintain our position as trailblazers in this rapidly evolving work landscape.

Our emphasis on stakeholder challenges, a people-first approach, and customer-driven product development have set it apart in the industry. Winning these recognitions is a great source of pride for Multiplier. It is a powerful motivator for the company to maintain its leadership position in the exciting new frontier of a distributed workforce.

Emily Dunlop
Emily Dunlop

Head of Brand

Emily is the Head of Brand Marketing at Multiplier, responsible for mixing customer and commercial insight with gut-feel to develop successful brand propositions and multi-channel marketing strategies.

Employ the best person for job, regardless of location

Employ the best person for job, regardless of location

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