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Multiplier Mix: Sounds of Singapore

Singapore. The Lion City. Whatever you call it, the city-state is famed as a regional financial center and a gateway to the Asian market for foreign companies. Its low corporate taxes and generous personal tax brackets make it even more attractive to foreign investors, with numerous exemptions and no taxes levied on capital gains.

We recently rocked up there ourselves to attend the Singapore Business show at the end of August. The event, which featured 300 exhibitors, 250 speakers, and 5,000 visitors, catered to entrepreneurs, business owners, and startups looking to do business in the city. As well as exhibiting, our co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Vamsi Krishna, was among the speakers.

Vamsi delved into how an employer of record can revolutionize the way companies expand their global reach and tap into new talent markets, while also sharing best practices for seamlessly integrating EOR services into your organization’s employment playbook. Sad you missed it? Feel free to talk to some of our experts who can fill you in on how Multiplier can help.

A Musical Melting Pot

But there’s far more to the city than commerce. Aside from its cuisine and literature, it’s also known for its thriving music scene. Thanks to the city’s status as a melting pot, the city maintains and fuses music from numerous traditions, including Chinese, Malay, Indian, and European.

The experience so struck us, that we decided to make a playlist to commemorate our time there! We’ve compiled our list from two sources: contemporary hits from Singaporean musicians and the biggest Singaporean artists. Here’s what we’ve chosen:

Contemporary hits

  • Nathan Hartono – Night after Night: The Singaporean singer-songwriter is also an actor, appearing in the likes of HBO Asia’s Halfworlds.
  • Sezairi – It’s You
  • Rizky Febian, Aisyah Aziz – Indah Pada Waktunya
  • Tanya Chua – 紅色高跟鞋: Tanya Chua is a veteran of the Singapore music scene with a career spanning more than two decades.
  • Rangga Jones – Call Me

Biggest artists

  • Dick Lee – Our Singapore: The 67-year-old singer-songwriter, playwright and film director was the creative director of Singapore’s 50th National Day Parade in 2015
  • Taufik Batisah – Usah Lepaskan (Don’t Let it Go)
  • Liang Wern Fook – 细水长流
  • Stefanie Sun – 遇見
  • JJ Lin – 那些你很冒險的夢: Having released his first album in 2003, he broke a Guinness World Record four years later by signing 3,052 CDs in 2 hours and 30 minutes

We’re certainly not claiming our list is definitive. Feel like we missed someone important? Feel free to let us know via our social media channels who else we should include.

Turn up the Multiplier Mix

Hopefully, our playlist puts you firmly in the Singapore mood. If you’re left wanting a comprehensive overview of the city-state and what doing business there involves, visit our free Talent Wiki Singapore page for the full lowdown (we recommend browsing it with the sounds of the Multiplier Mix filling your ears)!

Don’t think our musical efforts stop here, however. Keep your eyes peeled for more playlists from us, when we attend an event, launch a product, or open up a new entity.

And if you’re interested in effortlessly hiring global talent from Singapore or anywhere else, Multiplier is here to help. Talk to our experts to find out more.

Emily Wilson
Emily Wilson

Global Event Manager

Emily is the Events Director at Multiplier, creating engaging and relevant content, experiences, and partnerships that showcase Multiplier's value proposition and solutions. You’ve likely seen her or met her at an event!

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