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From Rockies to Office: How to Hire the Best Talent from Canada

Canada, stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean and way on up into the Arctic Circle, is the second-largest country in the world by land area. But this vast nation is known for much more than its size. With a multicultural society and robust economy, it’s also a source of talented and specialized workers.

With a population that exceeds 38 million, Canada is a melting pot of cultures, traditions, and languages. The country’s cultural fabric is woven with traditions from its Indigenous peoples as well as the French, British, and a mosaic of international communities that have made Canada their home. Such a rich cultural diversity contributes to a vibrant social tapestry and brings a variety of perspectives to the workplace, enhancing creativity and innovation.

Canada is recognized globally for its high standard of education and skilled workforce. It excels in various sectors such as technology, healthcare, environmental sciences, and finance. Canadian universities are among the top in the world, producing graduates who are highly sought after by employers for their skills, work ethic, and adaptability, making Canadian workers valuable assets to any team or project.

The standard working week is Monday to Friday, with 40 hours being the norm for full-time employment. Canadian employers are generally known for offering an inclusive and supportive work culture, which makes the country an exemplary model for fostering a positive and productive working environment.

The benefits of doing business in Canada

Still need to know more before making your next hire a Canadian? Canada’s economic landscape is as diverse as its geography. Leading the pack in revenue generation is the Commercial Banking sector, with an impressive $275.3 billion in 2024 revenue, followed closely by the Gasoline & Petroleum Wholesaling industry. Together, these industries highlight Canada’s financial services prowess and its critical role in the global energy market. But the country also has a forward-thinking approach to embracing future technologies and sustainable practices, targeting growth in areas such as cleantech, EV supply chain, and life sciences.

Indeed, Canada’s labor market is robust, with an unemployment rate at a relatively low 5.8%, reflecting a healthy economy and a strong demand for labor. Moreover, the average weekly earnings, though showing a slight decrease, remain competitive at $1,211.79. These statistics underscore Canada’s position as a dynamic and attractive labor market for both domestic and international businesses.

If you’d like to get a hold of Canadian talent, look no further than our competitive global employment platform, which features country-specific pricing so you can be sure to get the best deal whether you’re hiring in Canada or beyond! The Multiplier platform makes the process effortless, with contract generation possible in under five minutes (seriously, we’ve timed it).

Other nuances for businesses to note when hiring in Canada include the construction of attractive compensation packages. It’s crucial to get this right as offering the right employee benefits enhances retention, job satisfaction, and facilitates the attraction of top-notch Canadian talent. 

Read more about benefits and compensation in Canada here!

Highly educated

We’ve still only scratched the surface of reasons to hire in Canada. Here are three takeaways you need to understand about the Canadian workforce.

  • Highly educated: Canada distinguishes itself on the global stage by having the most highly educated workforce in the world, with nearly 58% of Canadians holding a post-secondary education. This educational attainment spans across a wide range of fields, from engineering and technology to healthcare and environmental sciences, making Canada an ideal source of talent for businesses looking for skilled professionals.
  • Skills to pay the bills: A significant share of Canadian adults, around 35.5%, report being over-skilled for their current job roles. This suggests that many workers have the capacity to handle more demanding duties, indicating a surplus of talent ready to be tapped into for more challenging and innovative projects.
  • Growing labor market: Canada’s labor market is continually growing, with projections indicating that the labor force will reach 22.86 million by 2031. That underscores Canada’s position as a dynamic and attractive labor market for both domestic and international businesses.

How does that sound? We know this is a lot of information to take into consideration. That’s why at Multiplier we pride ourselves on offering dedicated, 24/5 support tailored to specific countries–so you can sit back and relax in the knowledge that the professionals have things under control. 

Now you’re speaking their language

Picture this scenario: you’ve hired and onboarded talent from Canada, and now you’re wondering what makes them tick. Consider these tips for effective communication with your Canadian colleagues, starting with the stuff that helps no matter where they’re based:

  1. Clear Communication: Clearly communicate job expectations, company culture, and goals to ensure alignment. Regular check-ins and feedback sessions can help keep everyone on the same page.
  2. Leverage Technology: Use technology to facilitate collaboration and communication. Tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Trello can help manage projects effectively.
  3. Integration: Make efforts to integrate remote workers into the company culture. Virtual team-building activities or occasional in-person meetings (if possible) can foster a sense of belonging.
  4. Legal Compliance: Ensure all employment contracts and practices comply with Canadian labor laws, even when hiring remotely. Luckily, with Multiplier, our easy-to-use platform ensures compliance is guaranteed, with automatic contract generation that dots the Is and crosses the Ts.

You’re going to need more than that to break through to your new Canadian hire, though. Why not start with some sports chat? In Canada, sports are not just a pastime but a significant part of the national identity. Ice hockey in particular is woven into the fabric of Canadian culture. The passion for hockey spans the entire country, from the Atlantic to the Pacific coasts, with the National Hockey League (NHL) culminating in the yearly spectacle of the Stanley Cup.

Beyond the rink, Canada’s rich cultural landscape offers another source of conversation starters. The country’s vibrant arts scene encompasses world-renowned film festivals like Toronto International Film Festival, celebrated literary works by authors such as Margaret Atwood, and a dynamic music industry that has given rise to international stars like Leonard Cohen and Celine Dion. We’re betting your new Canadian colleague is a fan of at least one of those things.

Speaking the truth

Of course, if you really want to impress your new hire, you could try picking up some Canadian terminology.  

In Canada, the diversity in greetings reflects the country’s bilingual and multicultural nature. While “hello” and “goodbye” are universally understood and widely used, the French influence in Canada means that “bonjour” and “au revoir” are equally common, especially in Quebec and other francophone regions. 

Canadian English is somewhere in between British and American English, reflecting the country’s historical ties and geographical proximity. For instance, Canadians refer to vacation time as “holiday” in a more British fashion, while utilizing the more American term “resume” for job applications. In the workplace, the term “keener” is a uniquely Canadian slang term used to describe someone who is overly eager or enthusiastic about their work, sometimes to the point of being a suck-up.

With the modern workplace being as technological as it is, some tech jargon might also come in handy. Fortunately, Canada follows the rest of the world with its use of tech speak, so your Canadian colleague is not going to look at you blankly when you mention “virtual meetings” or platforms like “Slack” and “Zoom” in daily communications (though they might accuse you of being a keener).

Did you know?

Now that we’ve got the serious business out of the way, let’s have a quick look at some Canadian fun facts.

Canada’s history is as vast and varied as its landscapes. A pivotal moment in Canada’s history was in 1867, a time known as Confederation, when three British North American colonies united under the British North America Act. This union formed Canada as a federal dominion of four provinces, setting the foundation for the diverse and expansive country it is today. 

When it comes to famous Canadians, the country has no shortage of talent. In the entertainment industry, actors like Ryan Reynolds, Jim Carrey, and Mike Myers have brought Canadian humor and talent to global audiences. As Myers would say, groovy, baby!

Last but definitely not least, we come to the food. One cannot talk about Canadian food without mentioning poutine, a comforting dish of fries topped with cheese curds and gravy, originating from Quebec. On the sweeter side, Canada is famous for its maple syrup, producing 71% of the world’s supply, primarily in Quebec.

Hungry for more Canada info?

We’ve got you covered! So far we’ve talked about the big picture, but our talent wiki page contains all the nitty gritty information you need to make your Canada hiring plans an astronomical success. Click the link for details on statutory leave, public holidays, talent sourcing locations, and much, much more!


  • Varies depending on province or territory

Employee benefits:

  • Canada Pension Plan
  • Parental leaves
  • Employment insurance
  • Health insurance

Visa requirements:

  • Both Canadian citizens and permanent residents have a right to work in Canada. In case of non-Canadian nationals, a valid work permit will usually be required.

Make international employment possible with Multiplier

And that’s the lowdown on hiring in Canada. Now you’ve heard the benefits, make your dreams a reality with Multiplier. We’re here to help businesses boost their productivity with exceptional global talent, whether from Canada or anywhere else!

Our presence in over 100 countries worldwide showcases the breadth of expertise we possess. Multiplier is a one-stop solution for all your global hiring needs, so why not talk to our experts and book a demo today?

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