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How Multiplier Saved Axero 300 Hours of Manual Work to Expand Into New Talent Markets

An award-winning platform that keeps teams together

Axero is a technology company that uses a secure, customizable hub to help enterprises make information and knowledge sharing more accessible to their end users or employees.

Axero is used by businesses of all sizes to unify teams and accelerate growth. The company is headquartered in New York City and operates globally, with over 50 employees spread worldwide.

Hundreds of companies and millions of people use Axero’s award-winning platform to communicate, collaborate, distribute knowledge and information, develop company culture, and much more. Axero’s customizable intranet software solutions transform how organizations collaborate, which enables them to create personalized workplace experiences for businesses of all sizes.

Manual work is no longer feasible when going global

A well-managed global compliance plan is critical to the efficient running of global companies. In the case of Axero, they found it time-consuming to onboard and pay talent compliantly across India, Spain, Montenegro, and the Philippines. Mastering the laws that govern a new jurisdiction or simply trying to keep up as new laws get passed was a significant challenge for Axero. The company wanted to lift the constraints and achieve a true borderless workforce.

For instance, Spain’s Labor Legislation recently rolled out a reform that favors domestic workers over temporary workers with the right to health and safety protection. On the other hand, the Department of Labour and Employment in the Philippines enacted amendments to the Labor Code, such as the extended maternity leave, ENDO bill, and more.

“We have a global team and doing things in a locally compliant manner — from payroll, contracts, taxes and more – was tough. It has become quite cumbersome to manage all of this internally.” – Adam Ilowite, CEO of Axero‍

Going global compliantly while saving time and resources

When Axero contacted our sales team, they laid down that they already have an entity in the countries they’d chosen to hire from.  However, it had become challenging to manage activities smoothly given the depth of knowledge needed to sustain a level of compliance. This is where we came in, with a proposal to assist Axero in achieving its goal and resolving its global compliance concerns.

Through our comprehensive EOR solution, Axero was able to withdraw the burden of establishing entities in various locations with Multiplier acting as the primary employer on behalf of Axero’s employees.

Multiplier simplified the complicated process of managing teams globally while staying compliant, allowing Axero to onboard employees seamlessly without worrying about contracts. Multiplier also provided a first-class customer experience, not having to work with multiple vendors regarding benefits and laptop administration. This allowed Axero to hire talent beyond South East Asia and save +300 hours of manual work in the most compliant manner.

“Now that we’re up and running, we can hire and onboard really quickly, and stay compliant. We feel much more at peace knowing that we’re in compliance with all local regulations and laws. We’ve also been able to offer certain benefits that we weren’t able to offer beforehand.” – Adam Ilowite, CEO of Axero

Elevating payroll for borderless teams

Multiplier offloaded cross-border employment risks by utilizing Multiplier’s platform. Axero was able to create locally compliant contracts and handle country-specific labor and tax laws. Moreover, Axero was able to offer local insurance and manage legal tax contributions in compliance with corporate and tax laws. Axero has saved over 300 hours per month of manual labor regarding payroll and operations since implementing our EOR solution. This has assisted Axero in retaining valuable team members by enabling  them to live where they want, allowing Axero to feel confident in the future of their team and company.

Employ the best person for job, regardless of location

Employ the best person for job, regardless of location

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