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5 Global Workforce Management Trends To Look Out For In 2021

Improving the workforce is a consistent goal for HR professionals. With the global pandemic disrupting workplace settings, many new global workforce management trends are also doing the rounds.

Hence, today’s HR leaders should keep up with these trends to maximize employee retention and create unmatched competitive advantage. In this article, we’ll list some workforce management trends to follow in 2021.

So, let’s dive in.

1. Getting familiar with a disrupted workforce model

Remote work has been a trend even before the pandemic hit the world. Did you know that remote working opportunities have increased by 44% in the last five years, preceding the pandemic. Needless to say,  this is one of the biggest workforce management trends.

However, managing a distributed workforce has its own set of challenges. Some of the most critical ones being loneliness, lack of communication, inability to stay in sync with teams, issues with payroll, etc. This has led businesses to use innovative tools for employees to feel more comfortable adjusting to the “new normal”.

2. Making recruitment ageless

One of the greatest workforce management trends for 2021 is building a multi-generation workforce. Age is just a number and recruiters have realized that skills aren’t proportional  to  age. Recruiters are now following a strategic path to attract and retain employees across all age groups.

Even though different generations have different values, one thing is constant for them all. Every generation is in need of a supportive work culture, compensations, perks, and benefits, etc. Hence, focussing on these aspects has also become a major factor to attract and retain multi-generation employees.

Leaders these days are more focused on forming an inclusive workforce with lesser conflicts and more solution-driven discussions.

3. Focus on new technologies and innovation

Another new global workforce trend is applying innovative technologies. There are many advanced tools that recruiters are using in different stages including hiring, onboarding, retention, etc.

Here are some of the latest technologies in workforce management: ‍

  • People tracking – If you’re managing a remote workforce, these tools can help you track employees’ latest activities, monitor productivity, and ensure that everyone is doing their jobs properly.
  • Workforce planning software – This type of software helps you to stay in sync with your latest HRM activities, projects, and work processes. The idea is to maintain a productive workflow with thorough workforce planning.
  • Self-service portals – Using a self-service portal helps the recruiters to manage a global workforce. Such portals are accessible from any device to make things simpler for employees.
  • HRM outsourcing software – Many organizations also use a consolidated platform like Multiplier to manage hiring, onboarding, global payroll, training, etc. on a single platform. These are cost-effective and time-saving tools to speed up the HRM workflow of an organization.

Each of these advanced tools helps employers and recruiters in making data-driven decisions on the productivity and well-being of employees. They help recruiters with actionable insights to improve workplace culture.

4. Creating a better employee experience

Working towards creating a better employee experience has been one of the major global workforce trends for the last few years. Employers and recruiters have realized that the key to engaging the employees is through transforming their workplace experience.

Here’re some of the most common trends when it comes to improving employee experience:

  • Including more and more employee engagement programs. These include fun activities, educational training, upskilling courses, etc.
  • Helping the employees to maintain a work-life balance is another global trend. Instead of pressurizing employees with tons of work, employers are now making it a point to provide space. Recruiters are coming up with different leave plans, tour packages, etc. to ensure that employees can spend more time with their dear ones and stay productive.
  • Employee well-being is an imperative part of improving employee experience. From arranging Covid-19 vaccination drives to arranging well-being webinars, recruiters are trying to help employees with all possible resources. Many employers are also offering Covid-19 insurance policies for the safety of employees and their families.
  • Employees’ mental health is also a concern for employers nowadays. Most recruiters have arranged free consultations with therapists to ensure that employees are having sound employee health during these difficult times.

5. Simpler compliances

Staying compliant has also become a critical workforce management trend. However, since employees are working from a remote workplace and they are on their own, these compliances have become simpler over the years. Most recruiters have found a way to simplify the jargon for the employees so that they can quickly understand and implement the relevant policies.

However, narrowing down the right set of compliances that fit your industry type can be tricky. Also, factors like location, organization size, etc. also matter when you’re identifying your compliances. This has led to many confusions among the HR managers.

Many organizations have taken assistance from HR outsourcing agencies like Multiplier. Such an entity can help you stay compliant with minimum efforts and zero confusion. They break down the compliances for you and help you understand the compliances that matter the most. Therefore, staying compliant becomes easier.

Now that you know the top workforce management trends, it’s time to implement them. Use a tool like Multiplier to:

  • Manage global payroll and multiple currencies efficiently
  • Handle global benefits like a pro
  • Stay compliant with all legislation (location and industry-specific)
  • Transform your HR infrastructure and build a modern HR workflow

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Binita Gajjar
Binita Gajjar

Content Marketing Lead

Binita is a Content Marketing Lead at Multiplier

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