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104 Direct Entities: Setting the Standard in Global Employer Solutions

Multiplier has launched over 100 entities across the world, making us one of the leading and most comprehensive EORs globally.

Clayton Christensen said it best: “Motivation is the catalyzing ingredient for every successful innovation.” In the business world, motivation leads ultimately to expansion, be it of an idea or in actual physical growth. Where would Google be without the motivation to make the world’s information universally accessible? Or Amazon’s motivation to be the world’s most customer-centric company? Or even Tesco’s motivation to be the champion for customers and help them enjoy a better quality of life and an easier way of living? This is where Multiplier comes in…

If our motivation is to enable businesses to hire anyone, anywhere in a matter of minutes, enabling a world without limits, Multiplier’s innovation comes to fruition through a leading global employment platform and proprietary technology to simplify the employment process by managing the complexities of local compliance, labour contracts, payroll, benefits and taxes.

From Innovation to Expansion (and Expansion, and Expansion, and so on)

Motivation to innovation. Innovation to growth. In the world of business, expansion is always a good sign of growth and relevance. As such, Multiplier is excited to announce the launch of 75+ new entities across the world in 2022 and 2023, making us one of the leading and most comprehensive EORs globally and bringing our total to over 100. It is with this milestone, we can confidently say that Multiplier is ideally positioned to assist our clients in discovering new talent across more parts of the world, without the need to set up legal entities to hire them. 

Notable Highlights

Have you ever thought, “I need better tech talent, and I’ve heard Morocco has a high number of talented tech workers… Or, wait, I’ve heard Kuwait is flush with Data Analysist, and I am in need of one of those!” If so, it’s perfectly timed, as we now count Morocco and Kuwait among the entities launched in the last year, negating the need for you to  navigate the complex compliance laws and regulations.

Morocco and Kuwait are just a fraction of the larger picture. Click here to start exploring the many countries with rich talent pools to pull from, and see how Multiplier can assist you with finding and onboarding talent.

Access to New Talent Pools

One of the key benefits of having more legal entities in different parts of the world is the ability to access new talent pools. With the continued launch of new entities across the globe, our customers in some of the less explored markets can now access a significant pool of talented professionals in the right fields. This is particularly beneficial to clients that have been struggling to find the right talent due to a shortage of skilled candidates in their location. The wider geographical reach translates to the ability to meet the needs of clients in new and emerging markets, creating a competitive edge for them.

How to Hire and Onboard Global Talent without setting up an entity

Streamline Operations

In addition to the benefits of accessing more talent pools, expanding our legal entities means we can streamline our operations to better serve our clients. Clients with diverse teams across different markets can now benefit from standardised processes regardless of where their clients are located. There will be a shared administrative system, which means that with greater coverage, our clients’ employee data is processed through one system. This improves efficiency and provides Multiplier with the opportunity to deepen our knowledge across different areas in the world.

100% compliance across the world

Compliance Management

Another significant benefit for our clients is that Multiplier can now assist with compliance management in more locations worldwide. With legal entities established in different locations, Multiplier is now better positioned to comply with local laws and regulations. This includes payroll, tax, and employment regulations unique to specific regions in the world. This expansion enables our clients to remain legally compliant across geographies with the assurance that they remain up to date with the evolving regulatory environment.

Find confidence in global employment

Enhanced Support to Our Clients

A commitment to growth means continuously enhancing our services, and expanding our entities across the world also means we are better placed to offer our clients comprehensive and responsive support. Our expansion means that we can offer increased coverage and attentiveness to our clients and provide support across a wide range of locations for clients that operate across multiple locations. Developing our support services further, we can focus on building closer relationships with clients as they navigate the complexities of global expansion.

Let’s chat about your global plans

An Amazing Future Ahead

With the launch of new entities across the world, Multiplier, and our customers, is now positioned for an amazing future. 

This significant expansion means we have access to more talent pools, a streamlined operating model, better compliance management, and enhanced support for our clients as they grow their business globally. 

This expansion is a testament to our commitment to growth, and we intend to keep pushing forward in terms of enhancing our services and capturing the growing needs of our clients. 

Remember: Motivation leads to innovation leads to expansion.

These launches usher in a new era of growth and relevance for Multiplier and our customers as we continue to expand our reach and services. The growth in legal entities in different parts of the world means that Multiplier can better serve our clients’ needs promptly and effectively, with an unwavering commitment to streamlining operational efficiency.

To our customers, thank you for being a part of this incredible journey to-date! Your trust and partnership has been the catalyst for our growth and the development of smarter technology to serve your needs. 

For more information on how we can help you grow your talent pool globally, we’d be happy to chat and show you!

Will Smith
Will Smith

Content Writer

Will is a content writer at Multiplier. With a background in technology journalism, he is passionate about busting jargon, getting to the heart of complex topics, and (hopefully) writing pieces you'll enjoy reading.

Employ the best person for job, regardless of location

Employ the best person for job, regardless of location

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